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Predestination and grace: Presbyterian vs. Lutheran?

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We've been reading about different denominations and are confused about double predestination vs. single predestination. Can someone explain what both of these "look like" or point us to non-biased websites that are just explaining their own points of view? I think we are most confused about Lutheranism and the concept of single predestination, but would like to make sure we are correct on our interpretation of Presbyterianism's stance as well. Also, is this something that is pretty much believed by all members of each denomination?

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I don't know if this will help at all.. but I'm a member of a Presbyterian church (my dad is the pastor), and during new member's class he explains it like this:


Take a time line.. There's the past, present and future. As everything happens, you can only fill it in after the fact. As humans, we can only truly see time in a linear fashion.


God sees differently. We can make choices that would alter possible outcomes, but in the end, God already knows what those choices and outcomes are. Not because He deems them so, (though He works with everything), but because He is God. Omniscient. To him, those choices have already been made, He has already seen it all. Some see that as us being predestined (and having no choice) but truly, it's just that He already knows what will happen, often by our OWN choices.. which preserves our will..


Clear as mud?


ETA: I'm not sure about the double vs single thing.. this is just what we learned in class. Lol. Probably wasn't much help, was I?

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Double predestination: God elects some to heaven and ****s others to hell, determined from the beginning of time.


Single predestination: All of mankind is ****ed because of Original Sin and their Natural Bent is only towards sin because of the Fall. God elects some, from the beginning of time, to become His and for Heaven. He changes their bent. Only God can do this, man is entirely unable to make any decisions or actions that are good without God causing him to or changing him to be able to.


Some will say that logically they are just two pov's of the exact same thing.

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