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abeka physical and biology?

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The plan was to do physical then biology, but ds says he is sick of physical science and wants to do biology. Can we skip the physical science text or is that going to bite us in the bum later?


Background, this would be following plans for Kolbe's Holt earth sciences and techologies text. He says he wants to be doctor and is chomping at the bit to do more of what he is actually interested in.:)


ETA: I wonder what the math req. is? He is in prealgebra. Starting Lials BCN next week.

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I recommend you find out what the college admission requirements are for your state universities. Ours require a life science in high school. Most people choose biology w/labs for this. If it's the same in your state, you might want to hold off on biology and do it during the high school years for transcript purposes.


You could easily let him follow his own interest this year by letting him read and getting various experiment kits (DNA, etc.). If you prefer the textbook approach, check out Science Shepherd's Life Science.

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