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Can someone help me salvage Ko's Journey


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I bought Ko's Journey for my two rising 5th graders and they hate it saying it is too hard.


They have done Key to fraction 1-4 and key to decimals 1and 2. What else do they need to do in order to be able to comfortably do the activities on KO's Journey?

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Nearly a year later, I emailed Ko's Journey and told them I wanted to give a girls another go at it. 


The company restarted the whole program for free! 


My girls loved it and whizzed through it in a month. 


Amazing what a year and half does! 


They totally got it. First time around they couldn't get past the first question in the pretest. 

This time....they whizzed through entire pretest!!!


So the girls needed more practice with fractions, more knowledge of decimals, more knowledge of percentage, finding slope, integers, and coordinate graphing in order to feel confident with this program. 


Be sure to finish Key To Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, go over ratios/proportions, also go over the other topics above as well with plenty of practice. That is how we made it successfully. My girls are 12yrs and in 6th grade. 

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