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I need goat help.

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First, a disclaimer: my dh is the goat person in the family. I do know that he's learned a lot from the "coffe shop" at




Also, in my (limited) experience any bowel problems are related to 1.) eating something they shouldn't be (maybe funky weeds or green, green grass?) 2.) worms If it's worms, de-worm them right away. I'm sure the goat web thing can help you figure out if that is the problem-- looking at their gums or eyelids for instance.


Good luck and hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in here,


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with my daughters 9 week old Nigerian Dwarf goat. We think it was from too much grain. Her 4H leader who is also a vet tech said to feed it a tsp of unflavored gelatin. Also, make sure that the goat isn't eating anything different.

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