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Math-U-See w/possible ASD/SPD

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In the meantime of waiting for a DX (waiting call-back from assessment centre from intake worker, and seeing GP on Monday) I'm looking into possible options for DS maths.


He'll be 5 very shortly. I tried Singapore(Pre-k) (before finally catching on to the "niggling" feeling of ASD/SPD) and he basically "scribbled" over 3 pages before I could even begin trying to figure out where to start. I originally thought "Oh he's not ready, in the way of listening/waiting" and dropped it back for next year.


He LOVES TV (with lots of capitals! :tongue_smilie:) he'll hang on to anything the TV says lol. Its helped with his speech too. He adores Magic School Bus (mentioning it lots), so I use a lot of videos to re-inforce whatever we are learning. He watched Mathtacular the other day, and was imitating everything Justin said, and watching avidly. He's also a "touch" person.


I've been umming and ahhing over the thought of getting MUS for him for about 6 months (I keep switching back and forth, because MUS is a lot of cash to fork over, if Steve was a bit more like Justin, I wouldn't have hesitated, I am just unsure if he would relate to Steve). I have Alphabet C-Rod book, and plan to get him his own C-Rod set shortly, and have again been tempted by MUS. If it works, I am happy to shell out whatever dollars, but that unsure feeling for the beginning setup ($220 + shipping + something for the storage of the blocks that is suitable for his sorting needs) is a lot to shell out for such a big if (I'm in aus, so most things cost twice as much lol)


WWYD? I really want something he will relate with, the C-Rods and book, some pattern blocks etc will be good to keep him happy, but I really need a program that interests him, as I know he is reasonally bright (not genius, lol, just a tad above average. What I mean is he has the brain there to do Maths, I just need to find a way to tap into it) so I am trying to find something that he will relate to.


Thanks :D

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Ecclecticmum, I think we have the same child! I'm going to be following this post to see what others suggest. I've ordered the starter kit for Right Start A (because games work wonders with my DS) but haven't started it with him yet. I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of trial and errors with him. (My guy has been diagnosed with SPD, but I believe he might be ASD also.)


My DS learns SO much from the TV too. His vocabulary constantly astounds me, and then when I ask where he learned his words, he almost always responds with the name of a TV show. I never thought about the TV component of Math-U-See...that seems like it might make a lot of sense.

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I'd try to buy a used set of the old MUS (because it will cost less) to try it out cheaply.


This would be my recommendation. My Aspie *LOVES* MUS. I've never, ever considered trying anything else. He is obsessed with electronics and honestly does learn better in front of a TV/computer; now that he's older, he's not as hands-on as he was when he was younger, but he still enjoys using the fraction overlays and blocks when it's a new concept. I didn't think that we would find Mr. Demme all that enjoyable, but my son really does like him and thinks he's a funny, if somewhat corny, teacher.


One caveat: I'm not sure if MUS has a metric version or not, but I know that in the versions I've had, things are taught in inches, feet, and yards, not centimeters and meters... that might be something to consider no matter what program you wind up using.

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We'd get the Australian version of the program, so since the resale cost is so high, even if I did manage to find the primer, added with shipping from an individual, then buying the blocks, it would probably still work out to cost the same.


I have managed to bring my budget down to a basic level, so I do have room to purchase it new, its just the risk factor that scares me. It sounds like it may be a good choice though.


I like the idea of Rightstart, but to be absolutely honest, I don't think I can handle it. Theres too many bits and it seems similar to Happy Phonics (HP is a rude word in this house :lol:) theres too many little fiddly things, and I am unsure of it. I will look into it again though.


I will double check that theres no used Primers in the Aus classies, and have a proper look at Rightstart.


I would still love to hear any opinions :)

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Ecclectic, good to see someone else from Oz here,

Something that you could consider, is introducing DS to a basic Japanese abacus?

Which is a bit cheaper, at about $35 including postage.

What this develops, is a way of concieving and working with numbers.

That builds a strong sense of number.

Where it develops a way of concieving of quantities and representing them.

Which can then be associated with the words and symbols that we use for numbers.


Here's a link to where you can get one. Where the particularly useful one, is called the Pacchi and just has 3 columns. Which can used to do subtraction and addition, up to 999.


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My ds who is ASD has done fantastic with MUS. It was the perfect answer. He loves Steve Demme's dry wit (dd thinks Steve is "Stupid"). MUS may be expensive to get started in, but odds are you can resell there in Australia when you are done and use the money to help pay for the next level.


It doesn't work for everyone, but I think it is well worth trying for ASD kids.

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Thanks. I really think he'll do better with MUS.


I tried playing games with the cuisenaire rods & alphabet book, and he just started one of his destructive phases. So I think me being noticeably "in charge" of the games etc or Rightstart, I just have a feeling it wouldn't work.


Thank you for all the replies, I'm definitely going to add MUS to my to-purchase list. We'll see how we go, and once it gets here, I will try to update this thread.


Its a real pity its not cartoon-based. DS loves brainpop lol. I think if the robot was in charge of MUS, he'd follow it to the ends of the earth :lol: But buying any curriculum is a risk, and I think, looking at things, its a risk I'm going to have to take! I'll probably still get him his own set of wooden C-Rods, maybe once he's been with the program a while, he might like to play around with mummy & miquon :tongue_smilie:


Thank you!

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My son has dyslexia/SPD type problems (no ASD) and did well with MUS though we didn't learn of it till later than primer stage. Btw, we just kept the blocks in a cardboard box the first year...now they are in a plastic bin--nothing special or expensive. I ended up buying other things after because, hmmm, grass is greener feelings?, but honestly the MUS was quite sufficient. He has enjoyed Beast Academy with its cartoons, but so far as I can tell is not learning much from it, unless it somehow does help with "mathematical thinking" in some way that is not obvious...but we used Beast after he had already done Gamma and Delta of MUS, so it is perhaps hard to judge.


ETA: MUS: not perhaps hugely fun--but maybe would have been more so if I'd let him just play with the blocks, in retrospect I wish I had done--but much math learning took place.


Most everything else up through grade 3 level (except Spectrum workbooks which were a helpful adjunct): possibly fun like Beast, but not much help with learning math for him so far as I could tell. Some a complete waste of money for us. For after grade 3 level, I think I have some other good programs, but time will tell.

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