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I Know He's #5...

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i know Boo is #5, but I still get a huge kick out of him doing new things.


He's sitting in his highchair beside me, gleefully smashing up banana and then eating it from his fists. It's his first time w/a fresh banana spear.


I only wish I'd thought to take his shirt off :lol:

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I enjoy my #4 (sadly) much more than I did my first 3. Not that I didn't enjoy them, I am just more taking the time to enjoy him. My first 3 were all one right after the other (3 kids in less than 3 years). My oldest, I was always looking forward to the next thing she would do, reaching milestones, etc . My second one was a screamer and was most of the time inconsolable (sensory issues), and by the time my third was born, I was just trying to maintain order with all of them. Especially since they were all so little, and needed ALL of my attention ALL of the time. My #4 was born 6 years after #3, so they had all grown up and matured quite a bit by the time he got here. I get to enjoy the sweet baby-ness of #4, and not worry about what is coming up next or when he will do this or that. It will all happen soon enough. Right now, I am enjoying and savoring every single minute of him just being little. I guess, he's technically a toddler now (will be 2 years old next week), but he's still my sweet baby and loves his mama. The olders haven't rubbed off on him yet ;)

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