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Any experience with a bone stimulator?

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I'm so sorry...I can't think of anything appropriate to say. :lol:


So immature. (*duct taping mouth* Is it a full moon?)


I hope you get some real answers! That does not sound fun.


You are not the only one. Especially since I read it as boner stimulator

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My ex had his lower leg crushed in an industrial accident. He had a bone stimulator as part of his recovery, along with several bone grafts. His leg, except of course for the ankle joint, healed very well despite about six inches of the bone being completely crushed. I'm certain that the bone stimulator played a big role in that.

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I had a broken arm that did not heal for 2 years. We tried a bone stimulator. I don't think that the bone had any growth during the 6 months that I used it.

I wore it at night, and it wasn't horrible, but it was not fun.

It finally started to regrow. Don't know why.

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