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iPad iUniversity - anyone using this?

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I'm really new to this, but am fairly fascinated with the textbook selections and iUniversity.


Is anyone a big fan of those areas? I about feel out my chair when I saw Miller Levine for under fifteen dollars. Totally interactive as well.


I have some of the Yale Opencourseware on there now, but it's so huge for selection, I don't know how to navigate around inside the program.


Any tips or do not miss this comments?

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Ya, iTunesU.


We are going to use the Yale one as an example to slide into medieval history..off plunking around for more matches for her schedule this year.


Found several books just like I saw at Fort Clatsop for Lewis and Clark, some excellent tribal history lectures as well.


That's been my big two scores - but the navigation still has me kinda :confused:


It's just so big.

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It is a lot of stuff! I am going to order the text for my husband today because he has decided to really get into the class. The text is a little pricey so he had put it off until he decided it was something he wanted to actually finish. The info is great! I can't wait to dive in myself. It has to be fantastic for homeschooling.

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I'm *sort of* chiding myself for not doing this earlier for a lot of reasons. I guess I just didn't know.


Would have saved me a lot of backache, time and money. It's a pretty nifty gadget.


I'm going to try to learn to sync my laptop and the pad today; I need to learn to back it up on the external drive- I'm sure it'll be find and I'll have techno burn by the end of the night. :)


Any tips on finding stuff in the libraries would be great. Between the university and book offerings I'm a bit overwhelmed.

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I thought iPad was just all baby coloring books with a kindle...hahahha




So wrong.


Mel, does a friend have one you can borrow for a day and play with it?


Oh I've played with them. ;) My DD would love the interactive textbooks and the science apps would have her drooling, it would also be nice not to have to print as much for other things. I really need another computer first but DH has assured me that I can have both, he recommends a computer and two ipads for fall, he just doesn't do the budget. All the recent talk about different apps and now iTunes U makes me wonder if I could swing a refurbished one sooner. :D

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Ah, okay.


I'd never even played with one before getting it here. I'm tired of hauling the 17 laptop all over town, that's what did it for me. The bonus of it was really unexpected as far as costs/apps/access.


I wish I would have just downloaded itunes to the PC earlier so I knew my way around.

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Guest teri.e

We have been using the $15 iBooks/iPad version of Miller Levine Biology. It's extremely cool. Here's a video interview with some demo tips in it.

It it's on-level edition of Biology (Macaw cover) for those interested, and pairs with the Student Workbook A and Lab Manual A. The teacher edition is also available in print from Pearson (or amazon if you can find it from a reseller). The Teacher edition ISBN is 9780133614657.


Edited to add: we have 2 iPads in our house (1st and and iPad2 and we just purchased the Bio text once and it synced to both iPads, which is nice as my son and I can go through the material together without hovering over the same screen. NB: It's a storage hog.... I had to clear space on my older iPad for it to fit.)

Edited by teri.e
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