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PreK or K4 suggestions, please!


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My daughter turns 4 next month and we're doing a year of pre-kindergarten at home. DD is so excited! I'm expecting "seat time" to be about an hour a day, which she already does happily along with DS for our summer school. (DS is in public school in the fall.)


I'm planning of the following:


Seat work:

  • HWOT Get Ready for School
  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (plus Leapfrog videos, BOB books, Starfall, and lots of read alouds)
  • Math - she's been doing Singapore 1A, Activities for Al Abacus, and listening along to Life of Fred Apples along with her brother, plus lots of manipulatives and games. I'm just keeping up what we're doing.
  • KUMON skills workbooks - cutting, pasting, tracing, etc. - and other crafts


Plus, we're doing a pre-history unit with science, art, and other fun activities (to be followed by SOTW Vol 1) as a family after dinner a few nights a week and she participates in that. This has been a BLAST! The kids quickly clean up from dinner so we can do our projects. :D


I love the idea of tea time - classical music, poetry, manners, along with tea and cookies - and may incorporate that after DS comes home from school one day a week.


Learning outside the seat:

  • Field trips! A membership to the zoo, weekly playgroup at a playgrounds each week, story time at the library, and gymnastics class
  • Listening to audiobooks in the car - just finished Story of the World, Volume 1, and we're currently listening to Jim Weiss telling Greek myths and an addition music CD. We'll just keep working through the selection at the library!
  • Continuing to play, play, play! Lots of educational games, board games, imaginative play - plenty of free time to explore her imagination!


I also have a box of busy bags from a swap and a few more planned for projects she can work on as she feels like it, without my involvement.


Is there anything obvious that I'm missing? Does this seem like overkill or should I add anything in for the kid who is chomping at the bit?

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