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Dredging up an old thread on 7th/8th grade hindsite...

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Hi! (waving)


It's tough to read old posts. The simple composition errors embarrass. Very often the content has aged, earning a red checkmark too. In this case I still agree with most of what I wrote. I'm just left wishing I had said it more eloquently. :001_smile:


It is fun to re-read that entire thread. I gleaned a lot from it at the time.


Peace to you and yours this morning,



Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey

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I printed out the important stuff to reference back to. We tried online public school for 6th grade and she did awful on those state tests but got As in class. It was all so confusing.


This thread really put things into perspective and helped me to realize that we are on the right track by concentrating on writing, reading good books, and waiting on the big sciences until high school. It also helped me to realize that I need to hand over some more responsibility to her and maybe start teaching her how to cook on the stove.



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It's tough to read old posts.


Now & then I come across old musings of mine either here or, more often, on the Sonlight board. It's always interesting to compare notes with myself.;) I just read all my posts in this resurrected thread and in this case, I'd say it all again.

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I subscribed to these two threads that are in the same spirit.

http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=68058 - Nan in Mass - love her posts!




Thanks! This is very encouraging. I have been researching math for my older son and ia stress too much. I need to focus on what is realistic and what is most important for my 9 year old. Sometimes i feel I expect too much of him or myself.

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God bless you for re-posting these gems of wisdom! I have been frantically planning, organizing, and generally panicking over my dd's 7th grade year. I needed to read these posts. My poor dh and dc needed me to read these posts. Thanks again!

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