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What can I make with pasta/peas/bacon

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Do you have parm cheese? Cook pasta, drain and reserve a little liquid. Fry up bacon, drain and crumble. Cook onion/garlic/chili flakes in bacon fat (of course ;)), toss in a huge bowl with peas, pasta, bacon, and saute mix. Add a little of the pasta water and parm to make a nice light sauce/coating.

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You could even use cream cheese or goat cheese. You take a little of the hot pasta water and add it to the cheese which kind of turns it to a sauce.


To go a totally different direction - you could make sesame noodles = peanut butter, chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds, peas, bacon, onion.

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I would half cook the pasta, fry up the bacon, add the pasta to the skillet, nearly cover with milk and finish cooking it in that, then toss in the peas and heat through. The pasta will take up the milk and the milk & starch combine to make a lovely, creamy sauce.


It works with chicken & spinach, sausage and kale, ham & peas...

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