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More planning ??s


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Does anybody plan by day and by subject,but not by assignment? I mean for example that when we do maths we know we spend 30 minutes andthat could be 1 page or 10 depending how hard we find it. The planner just states Maths for whatever day we want it.


I think I need something along these lines, but I'm not much of a planner and I need help from those who have BTDT! Is there anybody doing something like this??

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That's pretty much how I do it. I know that we'll do math every day, but I don't know what we'll do until I open up the book. I won't know how much we'll do until we've done it. I usually try to guess how much we'll do over the next few days, but that's about it. The same goes for our other subjects as well. To support this method I try to pick materials that are "do the next thing".


Every week I make a chart for each kid that states which subjects she'll do on which days. As she does each subject she checks it off on the chart. All subjects are either done with me or have work that must be checked by me, so I can make sure that both kids are doing a reasonable amount of work.

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Yes! I find this to be an easy and effective way of planning. Here are some guidelines I have set for my kids who are 15 and 13 this year:


Math--45 minutes-1 hour, minimum one lesson but if they are done & it's not yet 45 minutes, they should keep working. We use Math-U-See, and there are more lessons/tests per year than school days, so this helps us finish the book in a year's time.


Reading/Literature--30 minutes. I keep a listing of books in order and approximately how long I think it will take us to read them for the year. I also have an "optional" list if they read faster than I planned, or I will drop a book if it takes them longer than I was thinking. This way I have a flexible plan for the year.


History--1 hour. This time might include reading, discussion, tests, writing, projects, studying--whatever is "next" in our sequence. I might drop a test or project if that will help us finish a text in a year, or I might even drop some of the reading if I'm trying to reach a goal.


Science--1 hour, including reading, videos, experiments, writing lab reports and so on. Occasionally I have let the writing of a lab report be "writing" for that day.


Writing/Grammar--30 minutes for writing or editing, instruction, or working on Easy Grammar (as many pages as they can do well in 30 minutes).


Spelling--20 minutes, we work together as far as we can get.


HTH some! Merry :-)

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