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NEEDED: Advice on Job Opportunities

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Presently, I am homeschooling my youngest. She is 14, and ever since I started working in April '12, she has been having difficulty completing her work. Therefore, I have committed to only working part-time. We need the extra income.


I have recently started work as a math instructor for the adult basic ed program at a local community college. This job is approx. 19 hours/week in the morning. I am loving the job and the people I work with. What is also nice about the job is I don't have to take work home. This job is part-time temporary. It's all done within the 19 hours. Plenty of hours, more pay, and less outside commitment.


I also applied for a part-time remedial teaching position for the community college for Spring 2013. This will involve teaching two remedial math classes and will be a total of approximately 8 hours/week. The pay is more per hour, but fewer hours; overall this job will pay less than the ABE job. This job is also part-time temporary. Fewer hours, less pay, greater outside commitment since these are graded college courses.


Both jobs will give me invaluable experience in adult education, a field that I want to pursue once DD has left the nest.


Should I stay with the ABE job OR take the SPR 2013 job if it is offered to me?


Thank you, in advance, for your insight.


Claire in NM

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Thank you for your comments. Keeping your comments in mind, I am very much leaning towards keeping the ABE job I currently have. I love the job, I love the people, and I love the hours.


Claire in NM


I'd stick with the current job because of the reasons you listed here.


I'm in a similar boat although I don't have the second job offer. I put up with an hour long commute each way for pretty lousy pay because this job affords me all of the flexibility I need, and I very much like the people and the job.


In a few years, when my youngest is 16, I'll be looking closer to home, and for more $$. I won't need the flexibility.:D

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