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I haven't read that book in a while, but if I recall it is a series of short stories, all with a doctor who builds robots with positronic brains.


In one of the short stories, there is a "defect" and in the very end she shocks the brain with a kind of gun. It has kind-of started to think for itself, either from a defect, or someone teaching it things, or not being built with the three laws, or something like that.


But the movie with Will Smith based on that story is intense imo. And then that short story is intense in a way.


I was not bothered at all as a child, but it seems a lot colder and upsetting as an adult, I guess. (Partly b/c as an adult I see the parent/child kind of relationships in a different way, and the woman doctor is presented in a way as a parent figure to the robots, a little.)


But overall I would not go from the book to the movie.


It is a very good book, by the way. It is short. Go ahead and read it, lol. I want to re-read it now myself.

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