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Thoughts/prayers for dd12

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We are heading into urgent care. She is really, really upset about getting an IV but she NEEDS one. She is so dehydrated, her veins are so hard to find, and needles are ALWAYS a trigger for her vasovagal syncope.


Thoughts and prayers for an easy peasy needle insertion woukd be greatly appreciated.

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I am soooooooooooo sorry! If dd were in your neck of the woods and licensed to practice in your state, I'd send her to your ER. She's amazing at difficult pediatric IV starts. When she drops patients at the ER, it's not uncommon for the doc to ask her to come into a different room and do a start on a child.


But, since she's not there, if you can, ask for a pediatric O.R. nurse, many of them are serious pro's at difficult starts.


If you have a chance to check this and she hasn't been seen yet, try the following:


If she's not in immediate danger of her vital signs dropping, ask for lidocaine/topical anestethic on the spots they'll try and warm compresses. The lido will numb it and the warm compresses help those tiny, deep veins come to the surface and expand. Have her look away, hold her head in your hands, and sing to her or get her singing. It helps with the syncope...dd gets her little ones to sing row, row, row your boat with her or the little older ones to sing "put the lime in the coconut" or "5 little monkesy jumping on the bed"...it's a great distraction, causes endorphins to be produced, and all of those good things. Some patients with syncope can do very well with this.


:grouphug::grouphug: Faith

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