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HST+ question


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Ok, I am ditching the WPD. In the HST, which I have used for a while, I was wondering if I was missing a couple of features that would be good for us that I have not found.


Is there a Calendar Function, not the agenda but an actual Calendar so I can put in 4 H events etc.


Next, I always manually changed dates on days we did not complete something or get to it due to illness, time, or meltdowns. Is there a way to move items all at once in that subject ahead or am I doing it the only way known?


Because I never figured these out I only put in items a couple of weeks at a time. But would love to have some extra flexibilty.

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I'm not sure I can explain it clearly, but you certainly can re-assign assingments to new dates.


If you go to Student/Assignments and you click on 'All dates' and you use the drop down things to only select the assignments for the subject you want to re-schedule. You then see a list of specific assignments. Select them all, like you would in excel, and right click and select Reschedule. You can then select the new start date and everything gets rescheduled. If necessary you can let HST+ double up assignments to make it still fit your school year by checking the box 'make it fit'.



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Are you using the plus or online or basic version?


oops, saw it was plus. Ok, I think if you open the agenda you can add appointments, so yes, use that to add things like 4-H, doctor appointments, etc.


And yes, you can reschedule everything. search your assignments for just grammar, for instance. Then click on the first assignment you want to reschedule, and shift/click on the last assignment you want to reschedule. Then reschedule, and it will ask you what date you want them to start on, etc. And will move all of them at once.

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