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If you've used CLE Math all the way (or for a few years)...


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I've used it for DS 1st-3rd. No problems with retention. He tested into Saxon 65 this year but I decided to complete the 4th year of CLE before moving into Saxon. (we do Classical Conversation, so I will use Saxon for upper middle grades.)


We started using xtramath.org for facts, though. Just because that is more fun than flashcards. But IF you use the program as laid out in CLE, your child will learn the facts.

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My son has used 2 levels and is begining on his 3rd and my dd has used 3 levels of CLE Math. Both of them know their math facts backwards and forwards and they both have a good grasp on math concepts. My dd is particularly strong in math and I see her easily transferring her math skills to everyday life and to other programs. My son needs a little more help, but I've been so pleased with his progress.


I will say that I've also had both my kids use math fact software since they were in K, but I think my dd would most likely have done just as well with the CLE flashcards and speed drills. I love their flashcard system.



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