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Do zucchinis grow like 4 inches overnight?

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Only if you've fertilized them with Viagra!


















:lol:Kidding. The real answer is, as Dana says, a resounding YES. You can pick them quite small -- somewhere in the 6" range is great -- and you'll find the seeds inside to be smaller and the whole zucchini to be less bitter than one allowed to get a lot bigger. As you've noted, they grow quickly. So, a four inch zuke this morning will be ready to pick by midday or late day. If you don't keep picking them, the plants will stop producing sooner. Pick 'em young, and enjoy!! Good for you, Vegetable Mama!

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Yes, they grow crazy fast. I don't know how many plants you have or how many people you intend to feed, but they also produce like mad, too. If you miss one and you wake up and its a foot and half long and as big around as your head, you can always chunk it, shred it (in a food processor works well) and freeze it in 1 or 2 cup portions to add to lasagna or cakes/muffins later in the year.


I didn't plant any this year. Just used up last year's stash from my 2 plants about a month ago.

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I'm new here and your post made me LOL.... yes, they do grow that fast. The first year I was married we had a garden and my father said "oh, you must plant a zucchini just for the experience." With a grin he planted it in the middle of our garden.


I've not planted it since -- seem someone always has extra ! :001_smile:

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