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Is it Friday yet? Because I just want today to be over with.

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I had to call dh home to go run errands for me. Dd12 is not doing well and I couldn't leave her alone to go get her things (Pedialite, suppositories for fever reduction). I just need him here for all of us. :sad: i am so sleep deprived from playing nurse for a week (between dog and dd) that I can't think straight.



And I needed him to dig a hole for my dog. I finally put her down today. I have never been so ambivalent about putting an animal down. Today with yet another disturbing symptom, it was obvious. The vet agreed. :crying: words can't describe how much I will miss her. In the end I have decided to cremate her and keep her on my night stand. We have an animal graveyard and even one for the dogs (on our own property) but I am who she wanted more than anything in life so I will keep her with me. Crazy to some, I am sure, but I am wo I am. I can't help it.


I did make one mistake. Dd12 was so sick and sleeping. I honestly was so distraught that I didn't think to wake her up so she could say good-bye to Bandit. She cried when I got home. I feel awful but shesays she understands and is not upset with me. Thankfully.


I hope this doesn't turn into another two week+ sickness with severe weightloss. I hope she recovers so I can bless her with the plans I have made to enjoy the rest of the summer. Last time she was this sick she was weak for many weeks afterwards and never fully recovered. So I am nervous.


Well, end of my pity party/whine fest.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Hope your dd is feeling better soon. I wish I could come help, cook dinner, clean bathrooms, whatever.


You are SO sweet. As soon as dh gets back from the store I will be busy cleaning (I have to work off this pit in my stomach) and will have a little therapy time in the barn with my OLD, one eyed horse. :001_wub:


I am hoping dd turns around in the next day or two.

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