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Today at high school

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Today was Freshman day at the public high school. Dd14 is starting on Aug. 9th. Walking around the school was surreal. I'm still not 100% happy about this but I do admit I can see why she wants to try this. We picked up her schedule and walked her classes. She has the worst schedule. She's literally traversing the school for every class. 1st period is on the left side of the school, 2nd is on the right, 3rd is back on the left, etc. all day long! Yikes! She has P.E. 2nd period and is mortified that she has P.E. her very first semester of school. I told her at least she was getting it out of the way. She's happy with the rest of her classes. But she's scared. I wish I could help her not be scared. She'll develop a routine fairly quickly I'm sure. But she seemed like a little fish in a big ocean and it was only freshman and parents there today!


School. egads.


Oh, and her schedule is weird. Three days she's in all 7 classes. But on Wed. and Thur., it's a block schedule. On Wed. she has instructional focus (something like homeroom I think) and her even period classes. On Thursday she has the 4 odd period classes. It's so bizarre! I wonder what the purpose is for splitting up the schedule like that?

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