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Play and Learn Spanish apparently has come out with a second edition! I'm very excited by the table of contents because it looks like it cleared up some of the frustrating things I found from the first edition. I did like the first edition too, though.


I remember seeing some posts on here about Play and Learn Spanish by Ana Lomba in the past saying "I can't figure out how to use it to teach Spanish!" So I thought I'd just share my thoughts why I think it's a great system. I just wrote up my thoughts on it on my blog here.


In short, it does require the parent to learn vocab words along with the child and then to USE them in daily conversation. The point is learning language by immersion in the language. I have studied Spanish in the past so, granted, this is much easier for me to do. I did not know "kid" words, though, so this really helped me. But in general, I think repetition of phrases kids regularly use makes it a very valuable program.


I know it's not for everyone (especially those that are not as familiar with Spanish or interested in learning it along with your child) but for those willing to make it a parent-child playtime, I think it is fantastic!

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