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x-post: Writing help, please


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I am having a hard time figuring out writing - I love The Writer's Jungle, but may need a little more hand-holding than that. I can't afford anything that has a high price tag, and generally prefer at least somewhat secular materials, though I can be a little flexible on this.


First, for ds 11, who I think in general is between 5th and 6th grades. I have on hand Serl's ILL, but am also contemplating WWS. He can write when he puts his mind to it, but we have not done a lot of focused writing instruction. Would WWE 4 be better than WWS? Or maybe Fable from Memoria? I don't know, and I feel like I am going in circles on this one. He's a very strong reader, and fairly terrible (very phonetic) speller.


The, dd9, who is a late reader. We're still working on getting her up to speed with reading. Should I even be worried about writing? I was thinking some level of WWE or maybe Serl's PLL? Any advice?



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I can't really review it, since we haven't used it yet, but I was in the same boat (needing something cheap) and decided to go with Writing Strands. I got level 3 for my dd11 and ds9 to share. I haven't been able to really look it over yet, so who knows if it will work for us! But the price was right. I plan to use WJ suggestions to tweak the exercises.

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