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Ever feel like you have a question and you don't know how to ask it???:blushing:



I got this....


"Post menopausal female seeks recommendations for estrogen cream or ??? to help with... well... you know... um.... teA"


Don't want to take hrt (hormone replacement therapy)... experienced surgical menopause (uterine rupture at age 30)... and the libido is just not there.


OMGoodness, did I just hit the post button?? lol

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I hate to say it, but in our case the answer has just been avoidance. It depresses me a little, but we're 1860 miles away from each other 9 months out of the year. It seems a little too much like work at this stage in my life. Sigh. The intellect wants to...the libido...doesn't.

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I've been wanting to ask the same question. I think it's really Men--a-pause. Check back with me later. :lol:


Feels like my body's playing a good joke on me/us.


Think I'll ask at the health food store. Or maybe do some more research first.

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