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I started the ball rolling for hsing this year.

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I am one who cannot always make up my mind to easily. This year of homeschooling I talked very postiive but part of my mind fighting having enjoyed the past year as I had no kids at home for a few hours each day for the first time in 19 years. I called the head of the cover school we have used inthe past and am now getting ready to place my CBD and Abeka orders.


DD loves nature and art and ds is interested in rockets and robots. DH and I are looking forward to see where this new chapter in our lives brings us. (We have 2 older children one is in technical college earning his HVAC degree and the other is finished with highschool classes in DEcember and will be starting community college classes in January) This will be a start of something new as we've completed partof our parenting job of getting the oldest 2 set for adulthood and continue on with younger two.

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