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Why did I do it....I know I shouldn't have....

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I swear it is worse than anticipating box day!


DD13 is at camp this week with a friend. DD13 has never had problems staying away from home but the other girl has. This is the friends first time at sleep away camp.


The mother of the other girl, mailed her daughter a letter. UGH (slaps forehead), I forgot to. The camp allows email once daily between campers/parents if they want to (they charge $1 each way. LOL). Since her fried is going to get a letter, I sent dd an email last night. I paid for her to respond, but I haven't heard back yet. I love my friend, but I may need to wound her for setting me up for this.:boxing_smiley: I never would have emailed if I hadn't missed the mailing deadline to get a letter to her. :banghead: (dd likes to get a letter at camp, but I don't always remember to mail one the first day)



I hate anticipating things like this. I am sooooooo VERY curious how it is going. I am certain dd13 is having a blast, but I am worried about the other girl a bit. I want to hear about archery, water slides, canoes, food ANYTHING, just tell me something!


I have checked my email no less than 10 times today (just did it again)....UGH! I reallllllllly want to know.


D*mn email. Why did they have to allow such a thing!!!! Especially since they allow the camper to email back!!!! It is just wrong I tell you, WRONG!


I promise, it is worse than box day....never, ever send your camper an email, you will :svengo: waiting.

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Well, I wouldn't sit by the computer waiting anymore.


1) You haven't heard from any staff members notifying you that DD was near death or is having a traumatic time of it.


2) Your DD is obviously too busy to respond


So thank your lucky stars she's not bored out of her mind with nothing to do but email you! :tongue_smilie:


I know she isn't bored, that is the problem. I want to hear about the wonderful things! My favorite thing about them going to camp is hearing the stories when they get back. I also really want to know how the friend is doing.

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Maybe she just doesn't want to shell out the $1 to email you. She is having a blast!


I had to pay on my end so it is already taken care of. They even put a disclaimer on the email site saying that the camper may not email you back. LOL

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