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Wow! The Things My Kids Can Do!

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I'm very excited to realize how capable my young kids are with house work. I usually just have them clean their stuff up or their room while they complain the whole time. Well, my daughter loves to wash dishes! Today we had a big clean the house day. They swept, vacuumed, dd cleaned the bathroom counter while DS scrubbed the toilet. They helped put away toys. They fold towels well. And best of all it was ALL DONE WITH HAPPY HEARTS! Hallelujah!

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I find that when I foster an atmosphere of "working together", it's much easier to work hard and cheerfully. Of course, I usually forget and become the drill sergeant. :tongue_smilie:


My 9yodd has been getting up at 6am every morning just looking for things to clean before breakfast - her own room, the playroom, bathrrom, living room; and setting the breakfast table for good measure. I'm hoping this rubs off on the rest of my kids :D.

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