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PSA: Backyard parties hosted by the neighbors

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We had that problem at our old house.

If it got too noisy, though (or just overall...rowdy :lol: ) we always called the cops. They guy was a 'frequent flyer' of theirs anyway, so they knew who he was (and his address :lol: )

I was so glad when we moved. :D


They don't do this often but last night I did call teh cops. They quieted down long enough for the cop to drive away. They thought it was hilarious when one of the kids out there would scream just to make my dogs go nuts barking. So rude.


It would be one thing if it was a friday night, they told me they had guests in from out of town and I could sleep the next day. In my old city if my neighbor was having a party like that he talked to me first. But a Tuesday night? really?? Some of us actually have to work in the morning. My first daycare kid is here at 730am, which means I am up before 6 am to get ready for the day. I have never seen either person next door go to work, ever. But at least they do not generally host backyard parties.


I have daycare child for another 1.5 hours, and then we will eat and be off to bed hopefully by 730 tonight.

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