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Question about forwarded mail

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We are renting this house. We are military and so are the owners, who by the way we know. We moved in/they moved out 1 1/2 weeks ago. I realized today we are still getting a decent amount of regular mail for them. 3rd class, 'occupant', catalogs, ad flyers I'd expect. But this is regular mail. Like letter from a person not a company, banking mail, AF mail. Real mail. Things that should be forwarded.


I asked the mailman today if we were getting mail like this does that mean they did not put a forward on their mail. He didn't know. :glare:


It is VERY possible that they forgot to forward their mail. (They never got around to changing utilites and cable till a week after they left and we had badgered them.) It is also possible the post office is just messing up. Today's mailman informed me there are no 'regular' mailmen on this route. (But they are regular USPS mailmen, not contract guys.)


So what do I do with this mail? Oh and a package. Can I just write "Moved" and their new address on it? Will they take it back that way? I really don't want to be running to the post office every week if the post office is the one screwing this up. However I refuse to pay for and deal with going to the post office every week due to their lack of organization. (there have been a number of issues due to this already. For the first time I am grateful for a property manager!)


So what do I do with this about the package?

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My son recently moved (this May). First he paid his one dollar and did the address change online. It never went through. Then he went to the post office and complained. They put another one in. That didn't work. THe third time was finally the charm.


They may have forgotten but more likely the post office has messed up.

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You can also forward the mail if they live in the US. Just cross out your address, write "Please FOWARD" with their new address on it and drop it in the mailbox. We had to do this the first year we were in this house. Eventually, I figured if they didn't care enough to have their mail forwarded, I wouldn't do it, either, and wrote "Return to Sender. Addressee doesn't live at this address."

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