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Anyone know of a Disney Y.E.S. group going the 2nd full week of November (5-10)? That is the week Dh's work is sending him to Orlando.


Last year the Carolina Homeschoolers went during this week but this year they are opting for going in December.


The website for individual enrollment lists no November dates at all.




Thank you!



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No, all their dates are posted through the rest of the year and I am told they don't ever have November dates. HOWEVER, if there is a group going outside of the regularly sponsored groups I can go along with them. I just need to find one!

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Dh's work is sending him the 2nd week of November.....:tongue_smilie: Feb. would be out anyway, Dh is an accountant. We do nothing from Jan-April 15th.


LOL! I wish! We're there in September. Probably too soon. February? I may be itching to get there again! And, I planned a week break for next school year!
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How many kids would you have? I think we need 10 kids, or is it 15 kids?

Or is it 15 including parents?


Hmmm...I'd like to go this fall, and 2nd week in November would only be a couple of weeks before DD's birthday, so could double as her present :).
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