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Potty training question

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I tried to potty train Digby about 7 months ago. He could handle the #1 just fine, but he couldn't tell me for # 2. And he had no signs that I could tell he was going. I could just smell him and then have to clean the mess out of his under wears. :ack2: Anytime I tried to put him on when I think he was going to go, he wouldn't go. He'd hold it in for several days. Knowing the problem that can accompany that situation, I put him back in diapers. I want to get him potty trained, but what do I do now? He goes #1 in the diapers now, but I don't think it would be too hard to get him potty trained there again. I am absolutely stumped on what to do for the other one.



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IS he the kind of kid that will "work" for prizes? M&Ms for pooping, or a sticker chart, or stamp on the hand? Anything? I have had a couple that were past their 4th birthday before they were fully trained, not sure if it was a readiness issue or a control issue but they just would not go. then 1 day a switch flipped and they were fully trained. Most of the daycare kids I have trained and my other kids that were trained before age 4, all responded really well to stamps on the hand (those stamp markers, as they are small) and stamp charts.

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Erm you probably won't like my answer. I just gave it time. DS1 did not have any interest in potty training, he would go pee, but would not poop. After a couple of tries at various times and with various intensity I finally gave up. He very shortly there after declared he was done with diapers and had maybe half a dozen accident in the next month, but was more or less completely potty trained. I will admit he was 3 3/4 at the time, but it worked, I was just glad he finally decided he was done because I so wasn't looking forward to 3 in diapers when DS2 arrived.

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