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How do you schedule Education Unboxed/Crewton Ramone


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in your day?


Do you just watch it or just have your kids watch or both of you and the kids watch?


What about the older kids watching the lower levels of the shows?

Do you then do the activities with the kids after watching the video or just let the kids play on their own after watching the videos?


Do you have a watching plan? I would like to make a list of all the videos with a checklist for the kids to keep track of what they watched already. Does anyone have this list already made?

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We started doing this last year and did it either on Fridays in place of TT or when we had extra time. I put the laptop on the table with our C-Rods and we went through the videos and then practiced. My kids are older though so this worked well for them.


HTH! :001_smile:

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after you have showed them the algorithms or should I basically stop all the stuff we are doing in Singapore and Key to fractions and just have them do the rods/blocks first?


It's always best to teach something conceptually before teaching the algorithm/shortcut, but that doesn't mean you can't go backwards. I'm tutoring lots of kids this summer who have memorized the algorithms in PS, but have no idea what they are actually doing. So, I'm taking them backwards, starting with mental addition and subtraction within 20, and then moving them forward from there. The hardest thing is convincing them that it actually is important and will be helpful. Several of them balked at doing 1st grade level math when they are heading into jr. high or high school, but they got over that quickly once we were able to move on to long multiplication, square numbers, etc. and they could see why it was helpful to start where we did.


So, I guess, what I'm saying is that if I were you I would probably backtrack and build my kids' conceptual framework. I'd probably keep doing the other regular stuff, too, so they don't forget it but maybe just once or twice per week.

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