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moving into short-term housing for about 3 - 4 weeks. What not to forget?

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We are moving to a town about thirty minutes away. Our new home down there is new construction and won't be ready until mid/late (hoping mid!!) August. In the interim we are moving into a furnished apartment. I am trying to think of things we might need that I wouldn't want packed away somewhere where I couldn't get to it! Obviously, clothes! I have moved our passports and my jewelry to the safety deposit box. Some things we are taking are:




stuff for ds to start back to school (book bag, calculator, school lunchbox)

address book (so I can work on change of address cards)

DVD player

exercise videos and hand weights

instruments and sheet music


church directory

laptops, phones, chargers

laundry basket


ds's Scout stuff (uniform, handbook, stuff for camping)

ds's school uniforms

medications for dogs (they are staying with friends)


big calendar we keep on our fridge



The apartment has dishes, linens, etc.


What else would you take? Can you think of anything I am forgetting (the checks came to mind later on in the process). I don't want to take too much stuff, but I don't want to miss anything either.



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I'm living this life right now.


My most missed item? My high quality kitchen knives. If you do a lot of cutting, I would bring at least two nice knives.


I packed scissors, and I'm glad I did because there are none here.


Good call on the crockpot. I went out and bought one last Saturday.


I'll come back when I think of more. :)

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--favorite cookbook and/or recipes


-- prescriptions for glasses


-- password for internet account. If your isp is different in a new place and all your email was going into a mail program on your computer, you will nedd a password to get to your provider email -- hope this is clear. (Once I was in a different city & needed to change airline reservations due to a hurricane -- the boarding pass would only be mailed to my email that I had forgotten the password for. It took a lot of talking to convince my cable company that I was who I was.) If you have email on a smartphone, you obviously won't need this bit of advice!

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