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Update on Dh and THE TICK!

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The tick was only partially engorged so there is a definite chance he won't contrac it. But, the rash, while not increasing in size (aout the size of the tip of my index finger), is bullseye looking now...tiny center where I can see with a magnifying glass the "teeth" marks and the a small ring around it.


Dh has been stubborn, "I feel fine." My response, "Yah. You feel fine until you don't and it can be rather sudden. Then what?"


So, since I couldn't get him to make an appointment with a doctor, I called my dear doctor friend in North Africa (over there teaching at a hospital right now) and he's calling in a prescription for doxy (28 days), and I'll shovel it down dh's throat. He says the side effects to doxy aren't common nor are they usually very serious, and he'd rather take a better safe than sorry approach. Though I am normally no fan of prophalxis antibiotics because they've been over-used and now we have super-bugs, in this case, I agree with him.


Oh, and dh - ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS - went out onto that flying field for seven hours WITHOUT HIS EPI-PEN. Which is now completely useless because he left it back in the car at the hotel in 95+ degree heat which means that the epinephrine has broken down. Our insurance refuses to pay for the pens and they cost $75.00. So, not only is the man apparently bent on making me into a nervous nelly, but he's ruined a very expensive prescription to boot. GRRRRRRR......:glare:


He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo going to be taking that medicine. He does not want to know the misery I will cause him if he squawks about it.



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((((Faith)))) I'm married to a man like that. I guess it's better than a whiner baby who lays up on the couch with a headache. kwim?


Hopefully that med will head off any infection. Just keep an eye on that rash. You might want to trace it with a sharpie pen if it seems to be getting bigger. That way, YOU can tell if it's growing or getting better.


Praying for him...and you! :grouphug::grouphug:

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Glad you have a way to get him the meds! A bullseye rash with teeth marks is definitely reason to take care of things! My dh would go to an appointment if I made it for him and reminded him about it. Would yours?



No, because I don't have access to his work schedule on the company network. His employer is really quite evil and unless you are bad enough off to head to the ER or worse, you don't schedule a doctor's appointment over top of an already scheduled meeting. He's on a global account and some of these meetings have to be coordinated between eleven different countries, over four continents, and crossing the international dateline. So, unfortunately, they are very, very strict and are frank about it - "Your health is of no concern to us. The bottom line is our concern." He hasn't taken a sick day in six years. So, he'd have to get into a doctor who has an opening when he doesn't have an international conference call and that's something I can't coordinate for him. :glare:



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Don't forget the probiotics while he is on it.

It says take on an empty stomach but a lot of people can't, it is ok to take it with food, just no dairy within 2-3 hours of a pill.

Hope he will be ok.


It does? I had to take doxy when I contracted Lyme and it didn't say empty stomach. This was about 20 years ago, though. Anyway it made me sick! I asked the doc if I should take it with food and he acted like I was stupid. Of course, he said. :glare: But the label didn't say that either.


Faith, I had the tick bit and the bullseye rash. Even though I tested negative the docs put me on doxy because I had the symptoms. I learned later that I was tested too early to have gotten a positive result anyway. The rash came and went fairly quickly; it never grew nor shrank. It just appeared then went away. Yes, make your dh take the meds. Even catching it early on like mine, I still had some effects of Lyme, mainly exhaustion. I had been in decent physical condition but soon after was unable to run more than a mile without heavy breathing. Lyme is seriously scary stuff!

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