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I'm Here!

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No need to call the Mounties, I'm ok!


Sorry I didn't post last night, but it was a gong show. I didn't get out of the ER until after 7 pm...talking 6 hrs there. UGH.


Dr says it's not a tick bite. By the time I was seen the rash had more than tripled in size. He said tick bites don't do that. He doesn't know WHAT bite it was, other than a) I was allergic to whatever and b) it was now infected.


So, on antibiotics and benadryl. Rx strength benadryl. Which is why I didn't come in last night, I crashed, hard.


Thanks for thinking of me! :grouphug:


Oh, and Diva was home, so puppy was tended to :lol:

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I'm so glad you went in! And it's so good to hear from you. I was getting concerned! I cannot believe you didn't think to report back here in your drug-induced state! ;)


I will be praying for a complete and quick recovery and no complications.


SOOOOO glad you went in yesterday!! :grouphug:

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I was wondering about a brown recluse myself.


And, for a little bunny trail...I think you need this sweatshirt


(They also have a tote bag and tank top ;) )

LOL! I'll have to mention this to Wolf...would be great for walking her as it gets cooler, LOL


I know that there are venomous spiders (I started to type 'poisonous' but the Hive has taught me better :lol:) here, but no clue as to what bit me.


Allergic reaction is def part of it though, b/c it's not as painful and itchy w/the benadryl.

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Don't worry, Lara, not only was the puppy a concern, but so was dragging all the kids along to the ER.


Thankfully, Diva can babysit, plus I called a neighbour, and she had the Littles over to play for several hrs.


The rash seems to not have spread, or at least if it has, it's not dramatically noticable. And way faded from yesterday, so I'm guessing a good chunk of it was allergic reaction...so we know it's not a mosquito bite.


oh, funny thing...I'd brought along a library book, and was obvious I'd be finished it long before I was done there. Wolf was going on a coffee run, and asked about picking me up a new book. I said sure.


He came back w/Fifty Shades of Grey. :001_huh::lol: "Heard you mention this...do you have any idea what it's about? I flipped it open and read a page...Whoa."


Ummm...I only knew anything about it from what I've seen talked about online, never even bothered to read any reviews, etc. :lol:


The RN recognized it and started gushing about it. Oh my!

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I was going to send in the mounties. Once I woke up. But I see that you've made it unnecessary. Spoil sport. Some of those mounties are pretty cute!

I think 'cute' is a job requirement. You know, they're the best of the best ;)

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