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Daily notebooks?


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Does anyone else do daily notebooks?


We have a couple different notebooks.


One is a daily calendar/weather notebook. DD writes the day on the monthly calendar, has a sheet where she writes the day of the week and the day's date. She also tracks the high and low temperatures and the weather conditions. This is all kept in a binder.


The second is a vocabulary notebook kept in a composition book. I wanted to do something with vocabulary, but wanted to keep it simple. So I give DD a new word which she writes in her book, and then together we look it up in a children's dictionary and she copies the definition, draws a picture of it, and uses it in a sentence.


For some strange reason, DD loves these notebooks. I love that it is a quick way of learning new things that would otherwise get forgotten.


So, do you use daily (or, semi-regular ) notebooks for any subjects? Just looking for some fresh ideas. :D

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I used to have a graph where they would check the temp each morning and plot it on the graph. I should do that again this year...


We're doing this also. We actually do it the next day because we're plotting the high and low temps for the day (in red and blue of course. :D)


We have a math one. I give her an answer on Monday and throughout the week she has to formulate a question. One each of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and multiple operations.


Oh, this is a good one. It would be limited to addition and subtraction for now, but I really like this. I can also see how I could incorporate other math things into a notebook.... and seeing as how math is one of "those" subjects for us.... :lol:

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We're going to create our own "handbooks" this year using composition notebooks. Math handbooks will be a place to right down new terminology, show examples of new procedures, record math facts, etc. Similar to the idea of the Write Source handbooks that you can get for language skills, except they will create these as they go to reinforce learning and then have them to refer to when they get stuck.


I want to do something similar for grammar and also create personal dictionaries of spelling words and vocabulary that each student struggles with.

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