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Need science and math help

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I need help figuring out what normal science and math is. Oldest dd struggles with academics, and I have spent the last few years focused on getting things that would work for her. Now, I’ve got rising 9th and 7th graders, and I have forgotten what normal is.


Rebekah and Joshua have accomplished lots of things due to desire and working hard, but both are average intelligence wise. They are interested in radio and electronics and are learning lots of math/science that is required for their licensing. There is a lot of trig, logarithms, exponents, scientific notation, algebra, geometry, physics, electronics, and chemistry involved, but neither has had a regular algebra 1 or higher class yet. Rebekah would like to get a computer science degree. Joshua isn’t sure what he wants to do yet, but is really interested in science and technology.


On hand for math I have:


Systematic Mathematics

Lial’s Basic College Math

Lial’s Introductory Algebra

Lial’s Intermediate Algebra

Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

Discovering Mathematics (Singapore)

Discovering Geometry: An Investigative Approach (from Key Curriculum Press)


For science I have:


Conceptual Physics

Conceptual Chemistry

Principles, Theories, and Precepts of Biology

Supercharged Science e-Science


Out of this, everyone loves and does well with Systematic Mathematics and Supercharged Science.


Systematic Mathematics says if you do everything, you will have covered through Algebra 2. What would be missing if we stayed with this? What would be a good geometry or is the Discovering Geometry good?


Supercharged Science is great, but I would like a spine of some kind even if we used SS for experiments. The only science they didn’t like was Apologia. Joshua and Rebekah looked at it and asked for something less chatty and more technical.



They are good at whatever they put their mind to, and I want to make sure what we use gets them where they want to go.

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I can not comment on the specific programs you have because I am not familiar with them, but here are a few general things:


"Normal" is a math sequence beginning with algebra in 9th grade (and nowadays often in 8th grade), followed by algebra 2 and geometry and precalculus. Students with early algebra 1 can take calculus their senior year; statistics is another good option.

For a student interested in computer science, I would highly recommend to try and get to an introduction to calculus in high school. The major will require several years of math courses at the university. Computer science majors at our school are also required to take two semesters of calculus based physics; so a more rigorous physics that conceptual would be valuable (albeit not a necessity).

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Rebekah would like to get a computer science degree. Joshua isn’t sure what he wants to do yet, but is really interested in science and technology.



I don't know anything about Systemized Math. In the Lial's series, they need to be at least in Introductory Algebra by 9th grade. If they are ready for it in 8th, that is great, but they really need to be there by 9th.


In science, the conceptual classes are fine are fine for a comp. sci degree in most places, although you might check colleges they are interested in attending. DH has a comp sci undergrad degree and a related masters. He has only had one conceptual physics class in college and has never had chemistry. However, Regentrude would know what physics is required at the college where she teaches (physics), so as always, check with the college.


If your son might be interested in science, not just technology, I would suggest skipping the Conceptual classes or taking just conceptual Physics, then moving on to more challenging Biology, Chemistry and then a second higher level of whichever one he needs. Hopefully by his senior year he will have a college and degree targeted.


I'm not familiar with any of your science curriculum except Conceptual Physics (if it is the Hewitt text). I think you might want to spend some time investigating more rigorous options though.

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