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Dukan diet anyone?

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I tried it briefly. DH and my mom got together, said it was making me clearly feel ill (tummy issues), and have no energy, and it couldn't be healthy. I was the first to try it, none of my friends or family did after me.

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I have 2 dds trying it just to boost weight loss and one has felt horrible (she normally eats very little meat). The other feels great.


My sister has felt great on it. Dh is a big meat eater so I think it'll work well for him for weight loss.


I think it's restrictive myself, but I'd rather see him do that and lose the 35 lbs he needs to than do nothing.


Any other experiences?

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If you need to lose 5lbs quickly it is great. For longer term weight loss I prefer something like a South Beach plan.


I have a good friend who is a serious Dukan fan. She goes on and off. For a week or 10 days max she follows it, but then it is not sustainable so she goes off again. So, even though she loves it, it doesn't work well for her in real life for more than a few days.

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