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has anybody made Alton Brown's chewy gluten-free cookies?

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I haven't tried this recipe specifically, but I'd cut the xanthan gum down a little... it might make them less chewy but I've found too much can give a strange bitter flavor.


FWIW, I typically use a regular recipe and just substitute in some other flours. Lately it's been brown rice flour and sorghum flour with a pinch or two (at most) of xanthan gum. The Neiman Marcus cookies are always a hit (but you must get gluten free oatmeal!).


Also, I tend to lower the temperature by about 100 degrees below what the recipe says and extend the baking time by about 10 minutes. They come out crunchy on the surface and chewy in the middle, and are perfect the next morning.

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They are AMAZING! Seriously, I've made them quite a few times, and I think it's my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, with or without gluten. I just used the recipe to make cookie cake for DS' birthday party yesterday, in fact. The leftovers are about all I've had to eat today. Sigh. It's a dangerous recipe. I haven't had any problem with them burning as long as you refrigerate the dough for at least an hour before you cook them.

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