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what can I contribute? - co-op related

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I have yet to even start homeschooling (my DD is 4.5 and I'll be starting formally this fall with her) so this whole homeschooling thing is new to me. I've been lucky enough to find a local group of new-to-homeschooling moms to learn and grow with. The group decided to start a co-op and I was thrilled because I want my DD to learn subjects I'm weaker in (like art and such) from someone else and I also wanted to see how the other moms taught so I could get some pointers.


Anyway, most of the moms were once teachers who decided to stay home with their children and teach them instead so they'll all be teaching classes in the field they were trained in. The co-op will be starting this fall and the "classes" have been decided, but they need to fill in some gaps and are asking for volunteers. I'd volunteer, but I don't know what I'd teach. :confused: And I don't yet feel comfortable enough teaching when I haven't even yet started to teach my own child! Plus, I have a fear of speaking in front of groups, even kids, so this is just not going the way I had hoped.


Does anyone have any suggestions for subjects a newbie could teach? Or any words of encouragement because at this point I don't want to join if I'm going to feel uncomfortable with trying to teach other kids and speak in front of the whole group. :(

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Would any of the teachers need a helper? You can learn a lot by working WITH an experienced teacher- and you'll gain a lot of confidence, too.


You might surprise yourself and be a natural once you get a feel for it. And just because someone is a trained, former teacher doesn't necessarily mean they'll be better than you will be. You can do this!!

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I know some of the co-ops around here have jobs other than teaching available. Some I know of are:


1. Organizing the schedules and communication to all members.

2. Setting up/taking down classroom areas for each session.

3. Running a little sibs room/nursery.



Breakfast and Bible/Story time for toddlers/young preschoolers?


Cooking class?




PE/exercise time? Group games?


My favorite: http://www.amazon.com/On-Loose-Dr-Seuss-Thinking/dp/0865302332


A DVD class is easy- Drive Through History is good- pop in the DVD, go over a Q&A sheet when its over.

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Our co-op has positions like those mentioned above, such as being a helper in a classroom with an experienced teacher, and being in a nursery. Last year someone volunteered to make sure all the cleaning was done at the end of the day.


I thought I wouldn't be able to teach any "real" subjects, but once I saw how it was done I gained confidence. Now, 2 years later, I'm signed up to teach middle school science next year! I'll also be a helper in the sewing class.

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Lunch monitor



Activities mom - plan things like an October hayride

Field trip mom - trips to museums, etc.

Early set-up

End of the day cleaning

Reminder calls of various sorts

Hot lunch mom - arranges for lunch orders from various local take-out places

Lunch monitor - hands out lunch, leads prayer if any, makes sure kids clean up before dismissal

Helping with younger siblings while others teach

Purchase supplies for group projects

Make copies for teachers

Liaison with facility

Publicity - recruit new members, publicize events to local homeschool community

Communication - set up website or Yahoo group

Book ordering - coordinate this so all books are ready on day 1.

Assistant teacher - just hang out and help

Aide to special needs student - attend class with student

Program coordinator - put together Holiday and End of Year programs

Secretary - send out info, keep track of paperwork, deal with new students, etc.

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