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If I want to do a second year of K...

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What should I do?


I'm starting my Dd 4 1/2 in MFW K this fall. I have no doubt we'll make it through the curriculum during this year. I'm leaning towards doing a second year of K after we finish up MFW.

DD has issues with her fine motor skills. Th last thing I want to do is overwhelm her win such an increase of writing.


Which program would you recommend?

I love MFW K and I think she will love the hands on approach and the content.

What other curriculum is similar?


I would like to lean to HOD but I just feel kind of underwhelmed by it.

If you can change my mind on this, please do!

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We did MFW K with my DS2 when he was 4. This year, we're doing Sonlight P4/5 for K. I use my own math/phonics/handwriting anyway (didn't use MFW's), so it has worked out well. He's doing K level handwriting - just started learning to form the letters, but he is doing 1st grade math since he was ready for that and has no problem writing the numbers (thank you R&S Counting With Numbers workbook and their cool sayings for number formation :D). We're using Dancing Bears for reading, since he struggles a bit there.


This all makes a nice short K day. I'm not really doing the SL activities, but if you like activities, there are plenty in the P4/5 program. My son LOVES getting the SL bag of books out each day. It's been a perfect fit for him this year at 5.5.

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I've been looking at sonlight and five in a row actually. :D

I'll look at dancing bears as well.

My daughter knows her letter sounds. We're just working on blending them.

He only thing I'm really worried about is the writing portion.

We're going to use HWOT Prek this year as well and will continue with the K program next year. I plan to use Math u see primer as well.


How did sonlight and five in a row compare to MFW for you?

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My November birthday DS needed a year of "transition" between K & 1, mostly due to a short attention span (he has since been diagnosed with ADHD) and lagging fine motor skills/poor penmanship. We didn't use a pre-packaged curriculum but just kept chugging away at the programs I had chosen.



HOP K-2, then AAS 1


MEP Reception and 1A, Singapore 1A

Singapore Start-Up Science + picture books

I Love America! + picture books



AAS 2, begin AAS 3


Right Start B + Singapore 1B

Mr. Q Life Science + picture books

American History Civil War-present using library resources


1st (if we are able to continue HS):

finish AAS 3, begin AAS 4


MCT "island" level

first part of RS C, Singapore 2A/B

Mr. Q Earth Science + picture books

World geography using Carson-Dellosa "A Trip Around the World" series + library books

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I find SL easier for me to do than MFW because all the books are HERE and I don't have to use the library or choose what books to get. I am more likely to do it. But again, I wasn't really using MFW as directed - skipping their phonics and such. :)


I went with the prepackaged curriculum because I'm really bad about not reading aloud enough, especially for DS2, and I wanted something on HIS level that he could understand. It's so beneficial for him. So this is working well for us. Our family read-alouds are usually more on my 8 year old's level while still being enjoyable to the littles, but DS2 needed something a bit lower level.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that we're using WRTR handwriting instructions, with the intention of going through their word lists when we get there. I use Dancing Bears for his reading because he may be slightly dyslexic, and their method is working well for him (he's had huge improvement since we started using it consistently, just 10 minutes a day). I don't think most kids need that program, though it's fine for kids that aren't dyslexic also. It is NOT explicit phonics like Spalding or AAR or OPGTR and the like. You might take a look at Blend Phonics (free) since that is probably closer to MFW style phonics, isn't it?

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