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Elegant Essay vs. IEW SWI-C

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I am teaching a HS English class and had planned to do only a half semester with Windows to the World, but I have had several requests to change it to a full year and do extra writing. Any thoughts on whether I should use The Elegant Essay or Student Writing Intensive C. They are younger highschoolers.




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The answer really depends on the current writing level of the students you will have. This would also affect when you teach WttW.





If they have some experience with writing and are comfortable with the 5-paragraph essay, then the Elegant Essay will refine those skills by concentrated lessons on each aspect of the essay (e.g., thesis, supporting statements, intro, conclusion, etc.). Previous experience with IEW writing is helpful, but not a prerequisite for this course.





On the other hand, if they have not done much writing, then the SWI-C might be a better starting point. It will cover all the basic types of writing through the 9 IEW units (fiction and non-fiction) and build up to the 5-paragraph essay (and possibly more...don't have a TOC in front of me). If they have some writing experience, but not alot of essay writing, then EE would be good to polish that skill.





All that said, and if I remember correctly, Windows expects the student to write essays about literature, so it would be better after learning the 5-paragraph essay.






Pamela in VA



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