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Apologia Botany lesson plans?


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We are going to be starting Apologia Botany this upcoming school term and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with planning out how they scedule the lessons. Once a week for so many hours, or twice a week for one hour each etc... Any help would in fact help. Thanks!

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Hi, my oldest 2 kids worked through Apologia Botany about a year ago. Actually, my daughter enjoyed that book so much that (a year later) she is absolutely obsessed with all-things-botany! I think that may have been her favorite science course.


So, with that...I'm trying to remember how I scheduled it out. It seemed like we worked on it twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) for about 40 minutes. My kids took notes and made sketches in a blank lined notebook. Also, they did the labs in the book. We also spent several mornings at the Botanical Gardens...and my kids did an end-of-year project where they researched 10 plant species...listed their scientific name, areas where they are found, some facts about them and did colored pencil sketches of the plants. We put the pages together with a cover sheet and they looked great for their portfolio.


On Amazon, they sell these small magnifiers - like jeweler's loupes. The ones we bought even had little LED lights on the end. We used them constantly. We could actually see the stoma on leaves with them! We looked at moss with the magnifiers, etc. Our magnifiers are 45x (in case you look for a magnifier/microscope). 45x seemed like a good number.


Instead of the Light Hut Project on page 17, we started a garden to go with their studies. We used the Square Foot Gardening book (and placed our tomatoes WAY too close together :tongue_smilie:).


There are a number of labs and hands-on activities in the textbook. The best lab (IMO) is the one on pp 38-40 - the Flower Dissection Lab. We actually did this twice. :thumbup1:


Also, do you know that there are free notebooking pages on Apologia's website? https://apologia.securesites.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_61&products_id=2


I hope you guys enjoy that textbook! It's a year later and my daughter still has wildflower guidebooks and germinating seeds all over the house. LOL.

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