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Insect catching equipment

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DS2 (will be 3 in October) loves bugs and insects. In fact, I've had to inform him more than once that dead wolf spiders, regardless of the sealed contraption they are in, are not invited guests to the dinner table. :eek:


I bought him a cheap "bug catcher kit" at Dollar Tree, but the lid doesn't stay closed. Eventually, he's going to graduate from dead bug curiosity to live insect pets, and this little plastic toy isn't going to hold 'em. Plus, he lost his cheapo plastic tweezers and started using the metal ones that were being used for eyebrows. :ack2:


I'm not terrified of insects, but I'm not a huge fan either. DH absolutely hates them (to the point where I'm the one dealing with crawling and flying house invaders), and DS4 was shaking and sweating in my lap while DS2 was pointing out things in his insect encyclopedia this morning. I'm willing to supervise him, but it's going to have to be a mostly independent interest!


Can anyone recommend a higher-quality bug catching toy that is SECURE and humane, but still accessible enough for a little guy to use? I've seen a couple on Amazon, but I don't know of what other types of places carry things like this, and the reviews seem to vary greatly. Thanks!

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