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Writing from a diner...

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Updated in post 7.


Not a diner i want to be at, but the closest place to wait for my father to pick us up.


We left at 8:00 to go to my father's house. My car died on the palisades parkway. We're stuck in Clarkstown NY. Car was towed somewhere, police dropped us off at this diner.

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I let the kids have a soda, corn syrup, food dye and all! Lol.


My father got us, paid for our sodas and we went to the body shop (nearest tow was from a body shop) to get some things, then to the shop thats fixing it.


It is fixable. The a/c compressor seized and the "guts" were coming out and smOking. Since its a serpentine (sp?) belt, it screwed with everything. Had i continued driving, it would have basically exploded and destroyed a lot of stuff under the hood.


They're going to bypass the compressor and put on a new belt. No a/c. :( But i still have a car.


I'm going to borrow my father's work van until mine is done. The problem with the van is it only 2 seats. I have to find and bolt a seat down, or i have no clue.

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Car is done. Not sure when I can go pick it up.


We stayed at my father's last night instead of driving his work van home so late. The van- very, very far from ideal, but I got a harnessed car seat for ds and strapped it between the 2 seats. We left at 5 this morning to make it to dd's allergy appointment.


I'm tired, a bit upset that I no longer have a/c in the car, but am glad everything went as smoothly as possible. I'm very glad I pulled over when I did. Had I continued, the repairs would not have been doable. The repair isn't that much in the repair world.


This is one of the last few repairs in the car. It has over 200,000 miles and is leaking oil from all possible places.

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