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Feeling Discouraged

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We have been off school for awhile, doing a little to keep things up like math and a little writing, plus they always read a lot just for fun. Yesterday we played a little game with trivia questions, and one of my daughters in particular couldn't remember a thing...I mean, NOTHING. I was asking questions from our science studies this part year, and it was shockingly as if nothing had sunk in, despite her having done really well on it through the course of the year.


Today I am feeling quite discouraged over it, and I am not sure why. She has been home 2 1/2 years and is 14 years old. When I look back over that time, what she has learned is astounding. I mean, literally, this girl didn't know she lived on planet earth, and thought we could drive from Kazakhstan to America, she didn't know a lick of English, and had no cultural references at all. In 2 1/2 years she has become fluent in English, writes using vocabulary no one would expect (although grammar still has a way to go), has gained an enormous amount of knowledge in general topics, and yet I am having a tough time not feeling like a failure over her seeming to forget everything from last year's science.


I don't know if I am more discouraged over her science recall...or my own lack of maturity when it comes to "getting it" that it is all cumulative, it was maybe a bad day, there was no review to bring it to the forefront, etc, etc. Why do these silly doubts continue to nag about homeschooling when 98% of the time I can clearly see how much better it is, particularly for my little tribe of misfits?


Cindy :confused:

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