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What about 7th Grade?

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What's everyone doing for 7th?


We're doing:


Oak Meadow 7 Earth Science

Oak Meadow 7 World History part II

Math U See Algebra through our local co-op

Skills for Literary Analysis also through the local co-op

Jensen's Writing (she wanted them to have done these before the co-op)

Writing Strands 2 (our preferred writing curriculum. After we finish the important stuff in Jensens, we will do this again.)

Art through the co-op


If we have time, we also have:

Spell to Write and Read & the Test Lessons in Reading books (I'd like to cover 2 lists and 2 stories per week)

Vocabulary from Classical Roots A & B (the exercises are ho-hum but the vocab lists are good)

Introduction to Logic by Memoria Press (How dull! We may drop this one now.)


On her own:

She is reading books that she likes a lot. She has been collecting the Runaways, Mary Jane and Spidergirl.

Also, she has been working on her artwork (comic/manga style drawing). I've been printing out helps I find on the internet for perspective and parts of the body that are tricky to draw like hands and ears.



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PH Science Explorer Life Science



Rod and Staff 7

Killgallon's Sentence Composing

Vocab from Classical Roots A and B

Art of Argument

Jacob's Algebra

EZ French

Art at co-op

piano lessons

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It's not as if it was a long time ago or anything since my kiddo is a rising 8th grader but, believe it or not, I can barely remember!


Religion -- Jeff Cavins Bible Study, CCD, and Faith and Life online.

Latin -- online

Math -- Finished up Singapore

History -- World -- Light to the Nations

Logic -- Critical Thinking bk 1

Literature -- Angelicum reading list

Grammar -- Shurley -- and we can't wait to never see shurley again!

Socratic Discussion -- Angelicum

Writing -- I taught using a combo of me, writer's jungle, and shurley

Science -- apologia general sci.

German -- OSU


Swim team



I think that's it.

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I think I have my list finalized.


Bible: Starting Points (with me and going slowly!) and AWANA

Math: Saxon Algebra 1/2

Science: Apologia General

Logic: Thinking Toolbox

Writing: WWS (because I couldn't find time last year)

Grammar: R&S 8th

Literature: Windows to the World

Latin: Finish Latina Christiana II (because we got behind)

Government: a bunch of cobbled resources


other: piano, choir, art as outside classes


I think I have everything covered and listed.


Linda (who can't believe my youngest is already 7th!)

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I had been thinking about starting a 7th grade thread too. I'm still undecided about some things, and would love to get some input. Here's what I've got so far....


Math - We're going to finish up Fractions and More the first 10 weeks or so, and then start Jacob's Elementary Algebra.


English -

Literature - Kolbe Academy Junior High Lit program

Grammar - probably Growing with Grammar, though I'm considering Analytical Grammar as well, if the budget allows

Composition - Writing with Skill and Elements of Style

Vocabulary - I'm not sure if the Kolbe lit program includes enough vocabulary or if we'll need to supplement. Does anyone know?


Social Studies -

Geography - our main focus this year, since I've neglected it. Mapping the World with Art, supplemented with some sort of workbook that will cover modern political boundaries.

History - very light and informal this year, interest-led, which means she'll be reading about World War II


Science - An assortment of Prentice Hall Science Explorer books and books from Asimov's "How Did We Find Out . . ?" series.


Bible/Faith - We'll be using a free online Bible study for Orthodox teens, and an Orthodox catechism, and we'll read the Prologue of Ohrid daily.


Foreign Language - Japanese, which she'll be doing entirely on her own, using free resources through our library and the internet. Next year we might hire a tutor, but this year I want to see how far she can get by herself.


Computer Skills - This year I just want her to refine her typing skills. Next year, dh wants to teach her some programming.


Logic - I'm still undecided whether or not I want to make room in our day for this, and haven't even looked into programs yet.


Art - She takes a two hour class once per week that teaches both art and art history to local homeschool kids.


Music - Church choir.


ETA: Should I include PE? :) She got her black belt in taekwondo this past December, and now she's working towards her second dan.

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This is where I'm at right now; however I'm contemplating a few changes still


7th grade DD:


Math: Saxon Algebra 1/2 with LOF prealgebra

Grammar: AG

Writing: Classical Writing Aesop and Homer for the older student w/beginning poetry for the older student

Vocabulary: Vocabulary from the Latin and Greek Roots

History: History Odyssey level 2 Middle ages (most of our literature is based on this time period, will be using the CHOLL for more)

Science: Elemental science biology for the logic stage (will be expected to do more as far as writing and reading and experiments)

Latin: Visual latin

Logic: Art of Argument

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Ok, this seems to be set:


History: Sonlight Core H

Literature: Songlight Core H

Writing: Essentials in Writing 7

Grammar: just a punctuation workbook daily, and the grammar that is in Essentials in writing...we want to focus on writing this year.

Vocab: Marie's Words flashcards

Math: Kinetic Books Algebra

Science: Noeo Physics III

Spanish: Monarch Secondary Spanish

Logic: Thinking Toolbox

Typing: Typing Pal

Religion: A few books from Sonlight, mostly Rod and Staff Bible 7

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Math: MUS, finishing zeta and starting pre-algebra

History and Literature: TOG Year 1

Language Arts: WWS and R&S 7 and Building Spelling Skills 6 and maybe Killgallon

Science: BJU Life Science 7

Latin: visual latin and lively latin

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Math: MUS, finishing zeta and starting pre-algebra

History and Literature: TOG Year 1

Language Arts: WWS and R&S 7 and Building Spelling Skills 6

Science: BJU Life Science 7

Latin: visual latin and lively latin


have you done VL and LL together before? I've been wondering if I should add to VL for my kiddos, but I was thinking about GSWL; I've looked into LL several times, but I know its a huge resource; I also know you could technically cut out some of the history to shorten it up a bit. Just wondering your experience.

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Tapestry of Grace year 3 - History, literature, geography, writing, fine arts....

Rod & Staff English 7 - grammar

Saxon Math 76

Elemental Science Logic Biology - rearranged to match high school brothers' biology studies as much as possible

Pentime Penmanship 7

Lively Latin 1

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Math – Dolciani Algebra 2


English -

Literature – Hewitt Homeschooling Syllabus for Best ___ Books

Grammar – CLE Language Arts 6/7

Composition – Write@Home Classes

Vocabulary – Analogies 1


History - History Odyssey L2 Middle Ages


Science – Biology Matters, with local science center’s lab classes


Foreign Language – Breaking the Spanish Barrier 1


Electives – The Story of Inventions, Maps Charts & Graphs G, CLE Latin America course


PE – Swimming, soccer

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My 7th Grade Plans


Math: Rod & Staff Math 8 with Basic College Math Videos (The Great Courses)


Spelling: Rod & Staff Spelling 7


Handwriting: Copywork regarding American History


Grammar: Rod & Staff Grammar 6


Writing: Finish Writing with Skill 1 & Move on to Writing with Skill 2


Literature: (Scheduled Reading with Discussion)


Little Women

Rip Van Winkle

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Poetry by Christiana G Rossetti

Rikki Tikki Tavi

Tom Sawyer

Alice in Wonderland

Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Helen Keller

All Creatures Great and Small

Crazy Tales

Treasure Island


(Free Reading Choices - He gets to pick which books from this list he would like to read. He doesn't have a set number of books to get through, but he must read every day. We just informally discuss these books.)


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

When the Tripods Came

The White Mountains

City of Gold

Pool of Fire

Pushcart War

The Knight's Fee

The Gammage Cup

Rolf and the Viking Bow

The Lost Prince

The Prydain Chronicles

Around the World in Eighty Days

The Black Arrow

The Wouldbegoods

A Tale Dark and Grimm

Tuck Everlasting

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Watership Down

Oliver Twist

Little Men

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Little Brother of the Bear

Where the Red Fern Grows


History: My own plans – World History from the French & Indian War to right before the start of World War I (we will have extended American history units on the Revolutionary War and the Civil War).



Science: Middle School Chemistry with extra experiments, videos, and readings added in.



Latin: Second Form Latin



Spanish: Educación Español



Art Instruction: Drawing with Children


Art Appreciation: We will be studying artists from the history time period we are studying. We are going to be using videos from Khan Academy, Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, and encyclpedia articles.



Bible: Christian Studies I



PE: 60 minutes of physical activity every day plus three days a week of directed PE



Health: Health & Wellness



Critical Thinking: Orbiting with Logic / Perplexors / Sudoku puzzles

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I love reading everyone's plan for 7th. Here is my plan, but we are trying out TOG for the first time so I'm not sure how it's all going to work.


Victory Journey through the Bible plus family Bible study

TOG Y2 U3- Y3 U3 - history, literature, vocab, geography, fine arts

Character Quality Language Arts - grammar, vocab, spelling, writing

Getting Started With Latin

Critical Thinking Company Colonies to Constitution for Logic

Meet the Masters - art

Jacob's Elementary Algebra and Teaching Textbooks Algebra I

AIG God's Design for Science plus some science TWTM way

He will play soccer in the fall and run track in the spring; physical activity outside everyday (archery, biking, running, playing, lawn mowing, etc.)

Free reading - he does lots of extra reading on his own in addition to the lit in TOG

Guitar lessons weekly

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Math - Saxon 76, LOF Fractions, Decimals, Physics


Science - Connect the Thoughts (Earth) and TOPS (Intro to Physics)


English - Lingua Mater 7, Galore Park SYR English 3


History - Connect the Thoughts (Ancients)


Spanish - Breaking the Barrier I, FLVS Intermediate Spanish


Music Theory (.5 credit) - CLAA Music Theory II, Connect the Thoughts Music Theory I


Music History (.5 credit) - Connect the Thoughts (3 music history units)


Creative Writing - (.5 credit) The Creative Writer, Connect the Thoughts Creative Writing II and III


Art (.5 credit) - Phonics of Drawing, Connect the Thoughts Animation I and II


If I can fit it in, I would like to add a half credit of poetry second semester.


Extracurriculars - guitar, keyboard, maybe volleyball, maybe acting

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Bible study-Who is God?

Truthquest Ages of Revolution 1

Rainbow science yr 1

Teaching Textbooks pre-Algebra, just some then on to Algebra 1

All in One English

WriteShop yr 1

Rod and Staff Spelling 7

Lit. Study using Teaching the Classics

Getting Started with Spanish

Kid Coder Windows Programming

Daily scheduled exercise

Boy Scouts

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Last year when dd was in 6th was our 1st year hs'ing! After an emergency start up and lots of trying to figure out what works, I feel better about this coming year, but still not 100% confident. Here are our plans:


English: *SICC- B, Lightning Lit 8 for literature, Sequential Spelling, R&S 6 grammar (and maybe Killagon & some Editor in Chief), and Wordly Wise 7 vocab


Math: Teaching Textbooks Prealgebra w/ LOF as supplement if dd has time


History: Beautiful Feet Medeival (mix of jr & sr high level work) and Beautiful Feet Geography with her younger sister for fun


Science: Apologia Physical Science (through coop)


Latin: undecided - maybe through coop and possibly Lively Latin


Logic: Thinking Toolbox


Elective: Art: outsourced class- my dd is very talented in this area & I want to really cut back on other things to let her sore this year



I have no idea if this is goingt to overwhelm her or not (she's had a light year this year, with a focus on getting up to speed in writing/composition...she's made progress but still has quite a ways to go!) I guess last year we were a more "relaxed" homeschool. How does everyone else schedule the time? Blocked time? Set times for each subject? Alternate certain subjects per week or every few days? My daughter needs to work fairly independently because I also work outside the home:tongue_smilie:



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I *think* I'm done tweaking my 7th grader's list. Some areas aren't even close to my original plans; budget cuts before I finished the shopping made me change priorities. I'm happy with it overall, now. She's going to have a great year. :001_smile:


Grammar: Rod and Staff English

Vocabulary: Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure (at 7 it turns into root based vocab)

Literature: Anne of Green Gables spread throughout the year, with some guidance from Where the Brook and River Meet, but the more I look at this, the more it seems we'll probably be doing our own thing

Composition: Lively Art of Writing, loosely combined with her older brother (individual assignments), when it's finished we're just going to write and revise

Latin: Latin Alive

Math: Jacob's algebra 1, Patty Paper Geometry

History: modern, Spielvogel's Human Odyssey, primary source documents, Guerber's Great Republic or History of US, I'm intentionally keeping this lighter than we have in the past

Science: Conceptual Physical, I think, with Tiner's Exploring the World of Physics and Exploring the World of Chemistry

Bible: Training Hearts Teaching Minds with her siblings, Victor Journey through the Bible, and R.C. Sproul's Essential Truths

Logic: Discovery of Deduction

Poetry: CAP's Art of Poetry (first semester)

Art: Annotated Mona Lisa (second semester)

Government: Civics in America (first semester)

Geography: big, fat, undecided (second semester)

The last 5 will be scheduled across the week evenly, not daily.

Music: guitar with her dad

Extra: American Heritage Girls, and even more from her brother's Boy Scout Troop (she's already earned several BSA merits on her own)

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Math: not sure yet. MME is here and ready to go.


Science: pre-physics and reading through Apologia's General Science


English: WWS I( last 8 lessons) WWS II (or MP till WWS II is ready); memorizing Horatius at the Bridge; 2nd Form Latin


History: MP's Amer. Studies and FMOG


Geography: MP's World Geo.


Xian Studies: MP's Xian Studies IV


Art- TC and figure drawing at co-op

Choral- co-op

unit study- science 1/2 yr. media arts- 2nd 1/2 yr.


STEM: Lego League


Logic: he'll reading the Thinking Toolbox, but we'll hold off on Trad. Logic for a year.


Reading: tons of reading, and our on-going read-aloud.

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History/Literature/Theology: Omnibus I Primary & Secondary


Grammar & Writing: Rod and Staff English 7


Latin: Wheelocks Latin, Cambridge I, Cambridge II, 38 Latin Stories.


French: First Start French I, Rosetta Stone French (I'm not sure about this one yet. We've done just Rosetta Stone in the past, but stopped because he found the lack of grammar instruction frustrating. I thought starting over with First Start French as primary program and only using Rosetta Stone once a week might help. But, as he has a heavy load already I'm debating whether or not to just drop French until high school.)


Math: Foerster Algebra I


Science: BJU Earth Science


Logic: Memoria Press Traditional Logic I & II

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have you done VL and LL together before? I've been wondering if I should add to VL for my kiddos, but I was thinking about GSWL; I've looked into LL several times, but I know its a huge resource; I also know you could technically cut out some of the history to shorten it up a bit. Just wondering your experience.



We started VL and it is not an easy language. PLUS, I have no background in it. I plan to add LL to VL just to strengthen both programs. But, we are skipping the history entirely. We're getting that nicely in TOG Year 1!


I'll have to update in a couple of months to see how they work together.:001_smile:

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A young for age 7th gr that hates all things academic:)


Math: Horizons 6 (finish), Horizons PreAlgebra


Handwriting Without Tears gr 5 (must remediate handwriting!!!! lol)

Easy Grammar Plus

Sequential Spelling 2 dvd

Writing With Style

Science: Elemental Sci Earth/Astronomy

The rest: may try an interest led for history, geography, literature, Bible. I have MFW ECC, but not sure if I will have her do this. I also have Minimus Latin and Fallacy Detective (logic). I may just hand her a list and stack of books and say "you have 2 hrs of study time. tell me later what you studied."

Eta: looks like we will do Seq Spelling for adults/teens. Ss series has been too slow moving.

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It's in my sig line, but here it is with commentary :D


Math - Saxon 4th edition Algebra I - yes, the public school version with all the errors in the solution manual. (I spent half my summer going through and finding all those $%*# errors and fixing them!) She hated AoPS when we tried it last year - she's got engineer brain and Does. Not. Like. competition style math, but we did about 2/3 of 3rd edition Saxon Algebra I last year after we dropped AoPS, and so that wouldn't be fun to go over AGAIN. 4th edition is more challenging than 3rd edition in some ways (other than the challenge of figuring out which answers are wrong, LOL!!!). It was kind of a toss-up between Saxon 4th and Foerster, and we may yet switch if she wants. AND we are definitely going to do Foerster chapters 6, 11, 12, 13, & 14 after we finish lesson 95 of Saxon because after that there are TOOOOOO many problems that call for a graphing calculator.


Language Arts -

- sticking with Hake Grammar for the third year, this year we're on Hake Grammar 7

- second run at Writing With Skill - we got through part of it last year, but it was just beyond her reach. She did a lot of writing on her own and has a much better sense of writing structure now, so it should be much more doable this year

- reading - I have a whole big list of things I'm gonna make her read, partly classic sci/fi and fantasy (The Martian Chronicles, The Once and Future King), partly tie-ins with WWS (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Sherlock Holmes), partly tie-ins with our US history studies (Tom Sawyer, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), partly children's classics that she's going to miss if we don't get to them soon (Charlotte's Web, A Wrinkle in Time), and part adult popular fiction of times past that is accessible to younger readers (Thank You, Jeeves, Murder on the Orient Express). I spent a week earlier this summer compiling the list, calculating how long it should take to read each book, and tying it all in with the most appropriate other lessons in the rest of our curriculum - yes, I over-plan! :D I have Great Expectations on the list as the big, end-of-the-year book, but I may switch to Little Women if she doesn't quite seem ready for it. There are also some poetry, plays, and short stories thrown in for a break here and there.


Science - HST Life Science, which will also be DS6's science - I'm going to read the text aloud, and DS6 just has to listen, DD12 will need to do the assignments and the labs too. Since she HATES the idea of biology and he LOVES everything about it, this may actually work despite the major age difference.


History - books 3-10 of Joy Hakim's History of US, reading 2 chapters a day and writing a 2-3 sentence summary of each chapter.


Chinese - sixth year of Mandarin studies with a tutor


Study Skills - Hake Grammar is a little short for a school year if you don't do the writing assignments, which we don't. So we're taking the first six weeks of the school year to read through and discuss Study Is Hard Work.

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We had to make some minor adjustments to our curriculum choices, but here is what we have ended up with that makes both of us happy. :001_smile:


Language Arts

Classical Writing for Older Beginners + WWS (on Fridays only)

Harvey's Elementary Grammar + Daily Grammar Practice

MP's 7th grade lit list + The Iliad and The Odyssey (I've decided to use only the MP teacher lit guides to question for comprehension and to help with vocab as needed)

Free Reading from AO + Figuratively Speaking



Lial's Prealgebra



BJU Life Science



AO + a light American history overview



Matthew-Romans w/ Matthew Henry Commentary

Truth & Grace Book 2



First Form Latin



Bob Schulz books



Fallacy Detective + Thinking Toolbox




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We started school 2.5 weeks ago. My 7th grade daughter is using:



Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Middle Ages sections

Wikipedia and library books for reports on topics from Kingfisher

Magna Charta (James Daughtery)

Magna Charta (document)

Asser's Life of King Alfred

William of Malmesbury's Battle of Hastings

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy (probably)

My Family and Other Animals

Geography Songs



Ellen McHenry Cells

Ellen McHenry Elements

TOPS Analysis

TOPS Weighing



finish Singapore Primary 6B, then NEM 1 (probably just the first 4-5 chapters this year)



Writing With Skill 1

Dictation (for spelling)

Practice Voyage (MCT--she already finished Grammar Voyage in 6th grade and isn't ready for Essay Voyage)

Caesar's English 2

Reading: Light a Single Candle, The Door in the Wall, Otto of the Silver Hand, Daughter of Time, Jungle Book, If All the Swords in England, Whatever Happened to Judy, Daddy Long-legs, The Hobbit, Watership Down, When the Tripods Came, The White Mountains, City of Gold and Lead, Pool of Fire

Free Reading: anything she likes. Currently, Love Inspired books and some books by Margaret? Haddix

DVD (extra literature): Ivanhoe, Taming of the Shrew, Henry V



Daily SSR, mostly spent reading various picture books

Grammar practice, mostly conjugating verbs and putting subjects and verbs together to make sentences



Fallacy Detective (once a week)



daily reading and oral narration (assigned passage, currently from Acts)

self-chosen weekly memory passage

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As of now:


Grammar: Analytical Grammar


Writing: WWS, The Creative Writer, Killgallon Sentence Composing


Vocabulary: Caesar's English I


Math: Jacobs Algebra, LOF Beg. Algebra


History: K12 Human Odyssey (Medieval), Oxford Press


Science: ACS Middle School Chemistry


Art at co-op




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We basically flowed into 7th in June, so we're into some of the plans already:


Math: Saxon Algebra 1/2


History: doing a civics unit this summer, will start back with k12 Human Odyssey and Hakim's History of US doing early Modern


Logic: Art of Argument (in fall)


Spanish: Tell Me More Spanish


English: finishing up Kilgallon's Grammar for Middle School, alternating Vocabulary for Classical Roots A and Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop D, Easy Grammar Plus, Daily Grams 7, finishing LL 8 and going on to do a movies as lit course, outside writing class


Science: just finished an astronomy unit, moving into an ecology unit, then starting up Holt Earth Science when that's complete


Art: doing a global art history online course from http://www.learner.org, outside drawing class this summer, hoping to do some outside art classes this fall, trying out the human figure drawing samples at http://www.alienthink.com


PE: aikido, perhaps another class

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Here's what DD will be doing for 7th grade:


Abeka Prealgebra

Easy Grammar Plus

Megawords 5 & 6

Apologia General Science

Mystery of History Vol 2

IEW Medievel History Lessons

Beautiful Feet Geography

Violin Lessons at local university

Queens Copywork "Our Beautiful America"

WTM Logic Reading

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Not completely set in stone, or completely purchased . . . :glare:


Grammar-Rod and Staff 5 or 6

Writing-Essentials in Writing 7

Spelling/Vocab-Rod and Staff 7

Literature-Sonlight F

Handwriting-Daily Practice wkbk.


Math (remediating after a year of K12 through Virtual Academy)-Key to Fractions/Decimals/Percents . . . then moving into something Pre-Algebra


History/Geography-Sonlight F


Spanish-The Easy Spanish


Bible-Who is God? and Foundations 1


Science-NO CLUE (he wants mechanical/electrical/engineering)

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It was great seeing all the 7th grade options, but I don't have a clue what to do with my 7th grader. Maybe you guys can give me an opinion?


I need something fairly independent, he is pretty good about doing work without me sitting on top of him. I will be gone 2 days a week, so I would like something easy for someone else to take over on those days.


I have narrowed down some choices.


1. HOD Rev to Rev- I would just need to buy guide and notebooking pages


2. Follow Timberdoodle 7th grade plans- I own most of that too



3. History- MOH vol.2

Science- Exploration Education Physical

Lightning Lit. with Winston Grammar

Bible- Who is God

Fallacy Detective

This choice I would only need to buy Lightning Lit, which I don't mind


4. WP QMA with the above listed

I own this too


5. Any other assortment of various curriculum. I own a lot of Queen products, I have LBC grades 5 and 6 which would work, Memoria Press, or just assign History as written in TWTM?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts! I am overwhelming myself with too many choices. I didn't mention math but we are using NEM 1 with LOF prealgebra. I got that down at least.

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Wow. After looking through all these plans, seems my choices aren't all the popular.


Grammar - Easy Grammar

Writing - Writing With Skill Level 1 (new to us)

Spelling - Megawords

Math - Saxon Math 8/7

Logic - The Fallacy Detective

History - History Odyssey: Middle Ages with WTM reading list

Science - Holt Science and Technology Life Science

Art - Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons

Foreign Language - I would like her to take Spanish due to the region we live in; she is interested in French. I have no idea which program. They all seem so expensive.

Bible - I have not chosen a program for this. I think I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around anything since we are in somewhat of a crisis with our current church. I pray a lot about it.


She will also participate in a tap/jazz dance class weekly.


Sure feels like I'm missing something. What could it be?

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Sure feels like I'm missing something. What could it be?


I think you're choices are some of the "popular" ones :D The only thing that I didn't see are literature (but I think you've covered that already with your history) and vocabulary (but does Megawords also go into this?)



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We're going to be heavier in sports this year than ever before, so I've tried to simplify for science and history in an attempt to actually get them completed.


Jacobs Algebra

Stewart English

Killgallon Grammar

Jump In!

Vocab from Classical Roots

History of US w/ Creek Edge Press Task Cards

Art of Argument

Boy, Have I Got Problems (Bible)

finish Getting Started w/ Spanish and begin Spanish for Children

Apologia General Science

Atelier Art

year-round soccer & swimming

piano and maybe chorus


I'm on the fence about joining co-op, but if we do she'll take Windows to the World for lit. If not, we'll do it per TWTM using a bunch of stuff from Sonlight. She'll likely compete in Science Olympiad too, but we don't know the events yet. I think that's everything.

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As I look through these plans, I realize how utterly overwhelmed my daughter would be with most of these schedules! She does NOT like to be busy all of the time and will often beg for time to just stay home and have nothing to do, and we do so little already (in my opinion). A lot of you must have kids who love to be super busy and on the go! I guess I'm not raising a "go getter"! lol



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I don't think Megawords includes vocabulary. We could include Wordly Wise - we used it last year, but she wasn't particularly fond of it.


Megawords absolutely *does* include vocabulary! Each lesson has a huge list of words at the beginning that follow the spelling rule being taught, and many of these words could be new to your student. In addition to using these words for vocab. development on your own, each lesson has several pages that involve matching words to definitions, filling in sentence blanks with the correct word, etc.


You may decide that your dc needs even more in the way of vocab., but I would wait until you get into Megawords before adding anything else.

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MUS Algebra (as pre alg)

Classical Composition (to prep for LToW in 9th)

Humane Letters from Norms and Nobility (those that we've not done already-much was scratched) Yes, this is almost a repeat year for him, but I *SO* liked where Hicks took history and his literature picks, that it's where we realigned ourselves.


Churchill's History outlining pt 1


Sir Gawain (though I may scratch that, too)


Connecticut Yankee

Bede excerpts

Gardner's "Grendel"

Eve of St. Agnes

Beckett, by Anoulith (only because he really loves Beckett)

St. Luke



Lord of the Rings


by Memory:


Tennyson, "And Slowly Answered Arthur from the barge"

Poe "Eldorado"

Keats, "La Belle"

"Let's talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs" Richard II, Shakespeare


Science is Geology and he's reading:


The Map that Changed the World

Seashell on a Mountaintop

The Secret Life of Dust

OUr Magnetic Earth


We'll be doing one geology centered science project-we'll see what he comes up with


Nature studies are ongoing. I like to throw in Private Eye for fun




I am also doing a literature study that will be year long on Narnia, or Wind in the Willows. I've bought the annotated Wind and am slowly making it through that, or I may use Idylls. I may scratch much of the history reading except a few that I prefer to make room for it. At this point I refuse to be bound by a history reading list, I've just not cemented my pans for Lit yet. ;) I'm pretty set on the smaller ones doing a Narnia study for the year, but I think that might be too much of a repeat for him.

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As I look through these plans, I realize how utterly overwhelmed my daughter would be with most of these schedules! She does NOT like to be busy all of the time and will often beg for time to just stay home and have nothing to do, and we do so little already (in my opinion). A lot of you must have kids who love to be super busy and on the go! I guess I'm not raising a "go getter"! lol




I make sure my kids have at least half a day of downtime for their own pursuits.

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As I look through these plans, I realize how utterly overwhelmed my daughter would be with most of these schedules! She does NOT like to be busy all of the time and will often beg for time to just stay home and have nothing to do, and we do so little already (in my opinion). A lot of you must have kids who love to be super busy and on the go! I guess I'm not raising a "go getter"! lol




My dd is a quick worker and usually has her stuff done within 3 hours, 5 if we are working on a big project. She likes to have plenty of free time to draw, play games, play, etc. She has activities 3 days--Monday is for library, Tuesdays is co-op, and Fridays is playgroup/social time with her friends. So two afternoons she is home with nothing to do except what she wants to explore.:001_smile:

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(Math and science are our focus as they are dd's favorites. I am not torturing her :D)



AoPS Introduction to Algebra (chapters 5-12/13)

AoPS Introduction to Counting and Probability

Alcumus for both

one previously-released AMC 8 exam per week

Mathcounts with homeschool group



ACS Middle School Chemistry with additional material (chemistry is my background), daily until Thanksgiving-ish

Science Olympiad events once they are assigned by the coaches (I'm one ;)), daily December through March

Dd's choice, daily April and May



MCT 4Practice, the second 50 sentences

MCT Word Within the Word 1, lists 18-30 (followed by WWtW 2)

Free writing of her choice (1pg 3x/week) with several long papers to learn MLA format



K12's The Human Odyssey Vol. 3:From Modern Times to Our Contemporary Era

non-fiction, historical fiction, and documentaries to complement and supplement



Trail Guide to World Geography, using secondary level student notebook

Goode's World Atlas (amazing--used by her brother in a college course)

GeoBee 10 daily questions

various online games---GeoBee ipad app, SheppardSoftware.com, seterra.net

Geography Bee with homeschool group in December



FLL team through January

Scratch after that, moving toward Python



private flute lesson with high school senior friend



with dh:)



classical ballet four or five days per week



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My rising 7th grader's plans are as follows:


Writing- WriteShop 1, some creative writing w/ Story Starters- 3x a week, penpal letters 2x a month


Math-finish Teaching Textbooks Prealgebra by Oct, 50-60 min a day, 5x a week, 2 lessons a day


Lit- TOG Yr 3 selections 40-60 min a day, 4x a week


Free reading- 1 hr a day, any book of choice


Grammar- finish 2nd half of Shurley Grammar 6/ Gumdrops gr 7 mechanics practice, 40 min a day


History- TOG yr 3 outlining, mapwork, vocab 2x a week, 1 1/2 hrs a day


Science- Rainbow Science, focus on Biology and Chemistry, 2x a week, 1 1/2 hrs a day


Logic- Traditional Logic, 3 hrs a week


Latin- finish Latin Road 1, 3x a week, 1 hr a day


Religion- either copying the Bible 10-15 min a day or AWANA Trek studies


Art- Visual Manna w/ youngers siblings on his level, 1x a week, 1 hr


Music- Young Scholar's Guide to Composers, 15 min, 3x a week


Whew! It looks like a lot, but I'm trying to follow the WTM's recommendations. Hope this all works! We struggled last year to make writing work on the same days we did Latin for an hour a day. I want to focus more on the writing this year and mechanics.


I do have a question though, it says in the WTM to write one composition a week for history, is this the writing that is assigned in TOG?


Is it too much to do a writing program and do TOG's writing aids?



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As I look through these plans, I realize how utterly overwhelmed my daughter would be with most of these schedules! She does NOT like to be busy all of the time and will often beg for time to just stay home and have nothing to do, and we do so little already (in my opinion). A lot of you must have kids who love to be super busy and on the go! I guess I'm not raising a "go getter"! lol


I regularly feel this way on this board. But remember, each family focuses on certain things and leaves some things behind. When you look at a bunch of lists it looks like everyone is doing everything, but we really are not. In our family, we do a big science project each year, but do much less history than most.


Here is my son's curriculum with a schedule. I consider a "class" to be 6 hours and aim for 6 classes. His curriculum is listed in my siggy.

The big 3: from 8:30 to 1 Mon to Thursday:


Math (1 credit): Mon - Thurs 1.5 hours AoPS


English (1 credit): Mon - Thurs 1.5 hours

WWS, Kiss Grammar, Spelling Wisdom

Literature reading is extra to the 6 hours (reads 1 hour before bed every night)


Science (1 credit): Mon - Thurs 1 hour (catch up the extra hours when we do the big project at the end of the year)

The extras, done at night and on weekends:


Music (1 credit). 3 hours of tutoring on weekends, 45 minutes practice 4x per week


History (1/2 credit): dh reads and discusses history at night for 30 minutes 6 times per week


Mandarin (1/2 credit): tutor comes for 1 hour at night 2 times per week, + 15 mintues homework done at night on 4 days per week


Logic (1/2) credit): Fridays after technicraft for an hour, and throughout week we discuss what we see. dh does Philosophy for an hour on weekends


Technicraft (1/4 credit): 3 hours on Fridays (9 to noon) for 1/2 a year. done at local school. (this is old fashioned shop/home ec)


Study skills (1/4 credit): typing, note taking, time management, etc.


PE: I don't count this for a class, but he does sailing, martial arts, and swimming.



So my ds does 36 hours per week, but is "done" by 1pm every day. It is doable, but I just make the less-important classes to our family be more laid back and done on a more flexible schedule.




Ruth in NZ

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Finally have 7th grade put together for the most part.


Language Arts:

Saxon Grammar and Writing

Spelling Workout G

Writing with Skill


Math (he's behind but finally getting it so maybe this year will move a bit more quickly)

Saxon 6/5 supplementing with Life of Fred (Wonderful books)

Life of Fred - Fractions,

Life of Fred - Decimals and Percents

If have time - Life of Fred Pre Algebra 1


Science: Classicquest biology


History: History Odyssey Middle Ages


Music: Piano Lessons


P.E. - has to commit to 60 minutes a day. Thinking strength training since has low muscle tone.

Faith and Character: haven't decided yet. Needs work on life skills, character and manners.

Other stuff: He enjoys writing and drawing and video games so....

The Creative Writer

The Game Maker's Apprentice

Haven't decided on Art program yet. We've been using Thomas Kincaid's Drawing Basics but want something different. Still researching.


I think that's it. Feel like I'm missing something

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We are doing history, science and english (plus an extra writing class) through University of Missouri.


Saxon Math 8/7 plus probably signing up for Kinetic Books online for extra practice



Sequential Spelling

Hake Grammar


Latin for children Primer B

I am hoping in January to introduce Spanish-probably using online course from Texas Tech


We also take two art classes (after school) and one nature class (after school) plus lots and lots of ice skating (year round)

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