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how to teach my son to take a pill? You'd think I would know this....

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My son has to take 4 pills a day for 10 days. Today was a difficult first day. He hasn't had to take pills before and the doctor and I agreed that 11yo is a good time to start.


Other than, "put the pill at the back of your tongue and wash it back witht he water", what can I say?






By the way- it's Keflex in capsule form, about the same as a tylenol capsule.

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I don't know, but while you're at it, can you teach me how as well? I am so bad at swallowing pills.


For me, sometimes it helps to lean my head back a little bit. And if I'm having a hard time, I take the pill out of my mouth and breathe for a little bit. If the coating starts to dissolve, then the pill starts to taste nasty, and then it's even harder.

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Both of my kids 9 and 6, have had no problem taking pills because I've only had them take them with a straw. For some reason, putting the pill in their mouth, then taking liquid through a straw, forces them to concentrate on getting the liquid through the straw and then swallowing. It's worked like a charm from day 1 for both of them.


Hope that helps!

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I love the straw hint! Bet that works great.


I have another hint that worked really well for my kids when they had to learn. I got this from the nurse at the ER when my oldest daughter had to learn.


Practice with mini M&Ms and a water bottle with a circular opening at the top of the bottle. For some reason, the position that you put your mouth in to drink from that kind of bottle is the perfect position to swallow a pill. Put the mini M&M on the back of your tongue, take a swig of the water from the bottle, and voila - it goes down!


All three of my children learned to take pills in under 5 tries with this method.


But don't use the "squirty" kind of water bottle - it has to be the kind that you actually put up to your lips and drink from.

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