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3 year old destroying toys

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Ds5 and ds3 share a room. Ds3 has recently started to ruin some of Ds5's toys. Not maliciously though. Like tonight he found a lego and chewed on it. He wasn't trying to ruin it, he just wanted to chew. (We are working on him keeping toys out of his mouth - but that's another issue. He doesn't do it often). Other times he'll put small parts in places where they can't come out again. He's just doing regular 3 year old stuff - which is why these are Ds5's toys and not his.


But - they do share a room, so I can't just tell Ds5 to keep his toys in his room. And they do like to play together, which I don't want to discourage. This doesn't happen constantly (maybe once or twice a week). And it's never malicious.


So what to do? It seems that ds3 ought to make it up to his brother somehow. I just can't think of how a guy that little can.


Any ideas?

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Since the 3-year-old is just being a 3-year-old, and not harming Big Brother's stuff on purpose, then I'd think if anyone had to "make it up to him" it would be the people who created the situation, i.e. YOU. :D


Also, I'd be concerned if he has access to small parts. If he's putting stuff in his mouth, Big Brother might have stuff that could be dangerous to him. That would be my worry, more so than the stuff getting ruined. How about a different location for "ruinable toys," and the rest can stay with them?



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