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Need recipe help--chicken parts in a pan with vegetables and liquid/sauce?

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I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but I want some kind of recipe for cooking cut-up chicken parts in a large pan, where I'd add vegetables. Maybe over quinoa or rice? Maybe adding the quinoa/rice to the liquid to cook?


I feel like I saw a recipe on Allrecipes once that was like this, and I really wanted to make it but didn't have time. Now I can't come up with it again. I have a vague, unconfirmed feeling that it was French in origin, but I could be wrong.


Does anyone have any recipes they love and can share?



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Are you thinking of paella?


Or are you looking for an assortment of various recipes that start out with chicken and vegetables in a big pot, like chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice soup, chicken and dumplings, and so forth?


No, definitely not paella. I'm sort of thinking of something where I'd brown the chicken in a deep frying pan with aromatics, then add some liquid and cook it most of the way, then add some vegetables, and maybe thicken the sauce. I guess that's most of the way to the recipe, huh? :lol: But I'm not good with flavors and amounts, so I need a recipe to start with.


I'm also just looking for recipes in general where I can use chicken parts without having to heat up the whole house with the oven. We use a lot of chicken parts these days.

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