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Chicken use by date question

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I am confused - please help :)


Chicken purchased from the grocery store has a use by date that is a week out. But right below that it says to use or freeze within 48 hours of purchase. But the use by date would actually give six days past that. What is up with that ? I don't understand.


Anyhow, I'm baking chicken I bought four days ago but has a use by date that is still four more days away. It has been refrigerated and smells fine and we will eat it. I have always gone by four days from the store like my mom did, not 48 hours. Is this living on the edge ? If it was still sitting in the store's case, it would be refrigerated, just like it was at my house. Right ? And they still have four more days to sell it ? :confused:


Thanks !

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Okay, I found an answer, sort of.




Consumers should use or freeze chicken within 48 hours of purchase, but stores can keep it in cold storage and sell it up to the date on the package. The difference is they are assuming the store is keeping it at 30 F but a home fridge may be closer to 40 F, so it's only good at home for 48 hours. I grabbed a canned tea from the back of the fridge this chicken was in and stuck my thermometer in it. 35 F. Nice and cold, and it (the chicken) smelled fine. And I baked it to an internal temp of 200 F :D.


Back to add: it rode around in the cart for about five minutes before check out, and was home and in my fridge ten minutes after that. I self-checkout so no lines and the store is a five minute drive. It was still very cold when I put it in the fridge.

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